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An Exquisite Corpse video by Bernard Dumaine and Steve Smith. Video clips and soundtracks by B. Dumaine and S. Smith :icontheoneiricrealist:
Finished date january 2nd 2009
A creation from the members of the Facebook "Exquisite Corpse and Surreal collaborative films Group"

The Exquisite Corpse process is as follows: Two or more artists collaborate to create a film. A section of film is created using animations,stills and live video footage. The artist then creates a short clip created from the last seconds of their section to be sent to the next artist taking part in the exquisite corpse, from the short clip the next artist begins their section of film. This process is continued until the film is completed and then assembled.
It is important that the artist receiving the short clip have no knowledge of the elements within the full section of film the short clip was cut from.

Artists working on these videos can use a file hosting site such as Mediafire to pass large files back and forth.
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marcgosselin's avatar
Love the animation.
How do I add you to my deviantwatch?
Bernardumaine's avatar
Glad you like it...Just click on +watch on the upper menu of your page in order to add me ;
marcgosselin's avatar
All I have at the top of my page is "friends" and "favorites"
Bernardumaine's avatar
On the top right, you have " watch", "send a note" and "give" located just under "friends" and "favourites" :-)
marcgosselin's avatar
I understand where it should be located, but all I have below friends and favorites is "edit page".
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Deviantart is quite weird on the first steps, lots of things to discover ; you'll get this later...
SavagelyAssyla's avatar
This was unlike anything I've ever seen, that is for sure.
And that's what is so great about it.
I sat through the entire piece, dumbstruck, with my mouth gaping.
And when that chicken walked across the screen in the suit I couldn't help but smile.
I think that was the highlight of my evening.
So I thank you for that.
Truly wonderful work, the two of you.
Bernardumaine's avatar
Thank a lot for this nice comment :-)
gromyko's avatar
Genius, the best since L'AGE d'oR
Bernardumaine's avatar
Ahh, too much ! But thanks, glad you liked it :-)
gromyko's avatar
thank you bernard for sharing this with all of us, someday we should all do a real movie, all our members in the club...i'll list that as a project as i have :iconelyphas: to support us, he has contacts in the film and music industry
TheExquisiteCorpse's avatar
very very wonderful, i couldn't stop watching it again
Bernardumaine's avatar
Thank you so much :-)
janellemckain's avatar
I am speechless! This is so cool.... I just am speechless!
madbaumer37's avatar
nobody would ever get charged with "resisting arrest"
Bernardumaine's avatar
Depends on the cop haha
madbaumer37's avatar
they probably have interesting methods in conducting breathalyzer tests...
MaldonadoR's avatar
Exquisite, all right. Which one is your part?
Bernardumaine's avatar
I begun the first half, Steve did the " presentation " with the title and names then worked on the second part...
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