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Bernard, so glad to see you making art still. Question: how do you feel about these new "AI" Art tools? Midjourney & Stable Diffusion? Do you think people are over reacting or is there some useful strategy for utilizing these tools in a way no one has yet discovered?

Just some random thoughts...I think some people are over reacting about AI pictures; sorry to say that, but some of them are not very creative nor skilled with their own works ; I never tried Midjourney or Stable diffusion ( They are very powerful, Midjourney at least ); Here, I mostly use Nightcafe or Dezgo which provide me amazing "sketches" that I can use as models to paint on canvas; I have been working in a similar way for a long time, long before the digital tools were invented, I was painting from paper collages, using them as sketches ;

interesting inner landscapes.....

much more than 'interesting'...'faint praise' NOT enough...i edit myself!

Thank you , glad you enjoyed

I really enjoyed this rich and very surreal, fantastic space. Where everything is hyper realistic, where intriguing scenes circulate. A veritable exhibition of genres and styles as rich as each other. Unbridled imagination, superrealism, surreal quality, excellent director, I love it!

1980 Chronicle of an eternal wound

Glad you enjoyed, thanks a lot for your feedback :D

You're welcome, may be a little comment on my gallery ?

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