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Trade War
I can no longer remain silent... To me the nature ofthe "trade war" that Trump has decided to wage on China, is nothing more than what in my generation we would call a "pissing cotntest", and to me it has reached a level at which it has become unwise. To me, I have always thought that it's not a great idea for the U. S. A. to act like a schoolyard bully, to antagonize those with whom we would do trade. Sometimes the state of our world today causes me to feel INSANE.

I am happy that I havve the idea of the Gutterscape to devote myself to, it's good to have somewhere to escape... when the real world is like this. If you voted for trump, I still love you, what;s going on here is more complicated than what I can express here.
Garfield by Henry Blat
Another piece by Henry Blat arrived in my mail today, here are the notes from my friend Henry:

Hello to my friends in the online sphere, since I dont have any internet to peruse in my spare time, I have found myself to be a prolific one artist, i find i have created another piece to upload already!

a friend of mine hektor has returned from a big success business trip, and him come to give me a visit, to celebrate the good amount of wealth he get, doing of business abroad. He approach right up to my residence, and it turn out that when he showed up, he wanted to "indulge in an exciting night." he has brought to me delicious to drink liquors, and he also bring along a carton of cigarettes as a treat! the best thing he give in provision, was a tall one stack of "Garfeld" books, that were very delightful for me to read em up cover to cover. me and hektor take a lot of drink, and sit on the floor and take a smoke of Cigarette-After-Cigarette, and we read the garflieds for big laughs - Him garf is a big fat one cat, and he can not stand when the week day returns to MONDAY, and he also like to sleep in him box and not be woken up, and he is cared for by a man "jon" who doesn't even got any good sense. At the hour of 44, AM, Hektor decide to try and write his own Garfeild, and it go like this:

Jon: what you doing garffield?

garfield: no big deal... today im just giving it a try to imagine the largest possible lasanga that could be made by a cook

(garfield imagine a lasanga, larger than  a geographical continent)

JON:garfield... come back to reality buddy......

When we werer "influenced by liquids" we gave a laugh and laughed to his joke, and I start to illustrate the cartoon idea given me, by hektor, and we think about selling it to Jim Daves (authoer), but when we wake up and have transitioned to sobriety we realize that the joke wasent very original, and this is all the farther i got
Pirate Duel
This is the portrayal of a fierce duel between two faomus pirate captains of The Gutterscape. These are two of the Gutterscape's nine fearsome "Pirate Kings," and in this picture, they have come ashore at the same port, and are obligated to duel, by pirate tradition.

On the left is Captain Roscoe, who has been a pirate for so many years that he is now counted among the pirate kings. He has been a pirate so long, that he has forgotten the meaning of piracy, and now only repeats the forms of piracy, without meaning. He does not seek treasure, he merely sailes from island to island, digging holes, not knowing why, not knowing what to bury within them. He is a shell of a pirate, peforming pirate acts automatically, bloodlessly, without passion or purpose. To him there is nothing left but dead eyed ritual...

On the right is the famous Captain Fabulous, a pirate obsessed known for many dashig and heroic acts. He sails rapidly across the world of the Gutterscape, to make a great name for himself, by capturing the grandest treasures, peforming the most amazing deeds, and getting his name to be known "far and wide" and famous for being a great pirate. His weakness, I would say, is that he is vain.
I very much enjoyed seeing this, depiction of my character Feper meeting a new friend. I am cheered beyond measure this day.
Archibald and Feper by ArchibaldTallhat
Komar meets Galvo Califax
A new one from my friend Henry, he has this to say:

Hello friends due to strange event with goat I cannot get onto internet for quite some time and needless to say, my goat cause trouble for internet and now all of town where I (Henry Blat) live mad at me for goat which with great mischivious ways chew up all cables to outside internet! So what you gonna do? Ha! But its alright because I mail Friend Bernardt Fazling thumb drive with latest and perhaps, my best gutterscape painting yet! So it gonna show up on him account for me. 

In this scene Komar (Mangos Zodanhanga) travel from thirsty canyon into strange forest land with many different biom to see, and such creatures as he have not ever seen. But he happy now, because much sweet water flow from roots of trees, which backwards trees cause they gotta suck up all moist from air and put it in ground, a backwards way, so because of that they got difference colors from other trees. But in middle of forest Komar M. Z. meet strange guy, who seem cool at first because he all about fitness. From travel so long komar know he gotta get back in shape, so he stay and train with this guy. All day, he train train train. Each day, weight's get bigger, and Komark surprised to see that he keep getting the lifts, But him new friend keep tell him its' teh only way. Komar lift and lift, and notice a strange that happen!

Each time he lift, he get smaller and smaller in arms and chest, also legs and neck. But him "Friend" seem to only get bigger! For him, komars efforts seem in vain! and it like he gets all of him physical progress  stolen by big one man. Man get bigger and bigger, and komar get smaller and smaller! Man give him much delects foods to eat, and force him eat and eat, but it don't do Komar no good, and he just keep getting smaller! Komar get exasperate and suspect him "friend" Is great resident monster Galvo Califax who trick travelers to get huge! So he gotta think of a way to escape while he lift and lift. Komar secret hopes that once he escapes spell of Galvo, he get back him gains. 
i have been working some on the gutterscape videogame lately, to make it into more of a "complete" and finished game, that could be downloaded and played by many peopel the world over. it is an important projecte for me.

If you are reading this, then probably you have some familiartity with "THe Gutterscape," a world that I frequently make up stories and illistrations of. Well, this game is about The Gutterscape, many of you already know that but I feel like to "cover the bases," that needs to be said.

I've incorporated many works by many of my artist friends into this game, a lot of work from Henry Blat and Edward Hommelgaard, plus some from the great seeker, bertrand phillousberg, voxhunden, shadesofparanoia, veguitarat, blindbirdwatcher, samm13, catscaps, and quite the few others.

What I'm looking for now, is a pictuer that I can use as the basis for a "boss fight, " for those who dont know thats a big fight with an extra big sized monster or villain, that happens at a climactic part of the game. In the game will be five boss fights, and four of them are figured out, you could say that they ve been "locked down" if you will, but theres one boss fight that i cant get quite a good idea for...

So here is the contest "challenge" for you: create a picture of a large "bos" type of enemy, for players of the game to do batle with.

Here are some hints for what I'm looking for:

-It should look like it would fit in with the look of the gutterscape

-It must be a new picture made just for this, not something old that you already have and would like to enter

-In this part of the game, the player has taken control of a "flying machine" so it should be something very large that you would fight while in a flying machine, though it need not also be flying.

-You dont have to figure out how the boss works and wht kind of moves it does, and what it's environment is like, and even if you do, i might want to change it. What I want is just a good image that has a good look for whatt i want

-Some of you I am already using some of your art for an idea of a boss fight, so you are disqualified from this. Henry Blat, shades of paranoia, edward hommelgaard and me are not allowed to enter the contest!!

If you win, the prize is that I will put your idea into the game, along with a credit to you with your name on it! The game will be free for anyone to play, so who knows how many people will see your work?? I will choose the winner in a few weeks, I am almost to that part of the game where I'm going to need it.
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