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AmandatheWitch General Artist

Love this alot!

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heh photo bombers.
I like your style, it has a unique vibe^^
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Lugia20711Hobbyist Writer
She wanted to take a selfie... and they wanted to be in it.
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UshionaiHobbyist Artist
your unique style bought me :3. I am a sucker for these unique dark styles!! I actually want to make a witch comic in a similar style~ Faving and watching!!
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Really good idea ♤
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excellent...the dark world of childhood...
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Say cheese everybody!!!
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Is dis freaky or wit
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Allycatz123Hobbyist General Artist
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WithertoadHobbyist Traditional Artist
XD wanting take just one picture and then that happens.
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Loving the style of your work, great concept
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Techni9eHobbyist General Artist
Freaky, i like it :)
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AutumDragonflameHobbyist Traditional Artist
secretly a group selfie.
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Best selfie ever!
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laughing2myselfHobbyist Digital Artist
2 spooky
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LadyAmbsHobbyist General Artist
LOL!  Very cool! :)
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GracefulAnticsHobbyist General Artist
Love this piece
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TheMessedHetalianHobbyist Traditional Artist

Copyright law is about to change

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Catherine Rowland
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MooneonHobbyist Digital Artist
This is fake and .... Uh .. Fuck off.
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Faithboy102Hobbyist Digital Artist
you didn't have to add the red arrow
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Haunted, all the way!
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