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We promise we will be together again~~♪ But it would never be~♪♪♪
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wow this is beautiful. This brought up so many memories and emotions. 
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this is just.... amazing, it has such a good meesage, magnificent job. :)
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this is beautiful!
i don't look at the ghostly, gloomy implications but the golden times of before, how they made promises and lived and had a golden time... we all have ghosts of our childhood.
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excellent work.
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This is golden, classic - thank you for sharing it.
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That's a fascinating concept.
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cute! and a little haunting...
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There should be more works like this, not too detailed, not too technical but speaks in the soul,,, this deserves to be in top.
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this made the incident in conneticut pop into my mind
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Your work always speak to me
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Definitely reminds me of the 'shadows' left by the Hiroshima blast.

Beautiful as usual!
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Your drawings are so simple and subtle, but I love some of your ideas, and the way you draw them. Themes like this are my absolute favorite, but for some reason whenever I pick up a pen, I just don't seem capable of conveying such simple, expressive things. Or even coming up with them, for that matter, without being cliche.

Anyway. This is really cool. I favorited it.
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Very creative artwork! Some memories will never fade. Happier times for sure. Great job.
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I think they're meant to be ghosts. Or the memories/imprints of people who once were. They might have already gone on or grown up but they're not there anymore. So it's in horror. That's just me though. :-|
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Aside from the lack of legs, I don't find this creepy.

I think its a rather lovely image, though I'm sure it could be heartbreaking if there were a context to it rather than me simply looking at it from my sick bed and thinking "awww...they're promising to be there some time."

I'm sure it would be wrenching if the static swinger was actually on his swing though.
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Oh crap.... They don't even have legs... How did that look so normal? Now I can't even pretend to not notice...

It's nice, though, how it can have so many different meanings :]
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Oh I can see how this ended up in the horror section but it's not horror to me at all. It makes me think about passing time and growing up...Well that might be a horror story afterall...haha.
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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