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The incorporation of water, which is a key compound necessary for life in both science and in many old mythologies and religious symbolisms.  Love that.  Or maybe I'm just putting into this piece what I'm thinking when I see it.
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I am reminded of the lyric from Muse's song "Our time is running out..." as the water will leak out of the hands and run out and the fish will then die. Love this piece of yours.
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That is exactly how i feel, even when being a student in High School. I feel like my school is trying to create my future instead of letting me choose. I feel like my school tries to manipulate what I do, what I think, and what I will become. Its horrible, bc its really stressful and annoying. I hate my school and I hate the system that it runs by, bc most of the school board are corrupt.
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I thought this was a "Piece of Heart" from LoZ :lol:
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this should be a t-shirt
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I love the concept and design :3 
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wow, what a pretty concept
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dALinkSystem Love by shesgonepostal 

This piece has been Linked!  You can find it in the artists' comments here: Navigating Winter (DFC 2014)

I really, really adore the message here.  Water slips easily through the cracks--soon, the water will be gone, leaving the fish behind. Awesome work!
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