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Perfect. We are allowed people to try and police the imagination. Thank you.

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This is so good. Message received.
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Great work!! So true and impressive...
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COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS!  brought to you by corporate education "reformers"
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This is awsome!
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ahaha this is cute :meow:
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This is just how I felt as a kid! In a Catholic school you could only write about 'happy' things. Thankfully that's long over with...
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I think that's what mine all turn into when I tell them to make a letter more complicated than "I."
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Thanks for allowing us to put your work in our gallery. :D
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Now thats a good statement!
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wow thats great
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you know I like the statement made here. I like anything against censorship especially against artistic and speech licence
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Man...that is good. The education system appears to be more concerned with indoctrination rather than education and research and more philosophical pursuits.
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Memorise and regurgitate. Never mind if it's wrong, or dangerously irresponsible. It's a crippling mindset that America has cherished for over two centuries.

Do what your told, how you're told. Think nothing for yourself. Do not innovate. That's for rich people.

The more we communicate our desire to be free, the less it can be hidden from view. The author of the quote is disputed, but it rings true in any era: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." ~Edmond Burke

That means we can't stay silent. We have to speak out. It's the only thing they've left us.
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Not just America,every fucking where it's the same thing going on.Control is a very disputable concept :)
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at first I thought this represented art block (like writers block but for art) but then I understood when I read the title.
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it's a lot like that.
nicely done.
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Really well executed. The simplicity of the style and the bold lines make the message very clear. The only thing is that I wish that you drew a piece of tape over his mouth.
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There's the system for you :(
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