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I never claimed to be exceptional.
What's the fucking point?
:iconberkleydown:BerkleyDown 6 0
I had forgotten how hard it is
To spin words into poetry
To make something sound even remotely nice enough
Remotely worthy
Of being read.
I had forgotten how to express myself in a manner eloquent enough for understanding.
I had committed myself to the crisis of endless rambling.
I don't write because I am good at it
Rather because then there will be something left
Of my mind
When I die
Or when I lose it.
Whichever comes first, I suppose.
:iconberkleydown:BerkleyDown 3 3
We wear bracelets
So you can't see
What our skin really looks like.
:iconberkleydown:BerkleyDown 1 0
Aimless Rambling...Again...
Smoke hangs low over the fire that takes its victims in an all-consuming blaze, breathing the oxygen we breathe but bringing devastation and destruction in its path. They say it paves the way for a new life, and while that may be true, the deserted homes and the broken hearts will never grow back the same. They say the past makes us stronger but isn’t that a little bit of a double edged sword that defends but destroys with a single strike. It gives and takes like the ebb and flow of life that my therapist tells me about but I don’t understand because the balance she describes, this reality of pushing and pulling is above me, beyond me as it all comes back to the fire that burns me and kills me and makes me new.
There are things I will never understand. The tides, the solar system, all wrapped around me but so big that it’s bigger than me, my world, my cage. But now I’m just rambling again and putting the periods in all the wrong places.
:iconberkleydown:BerkleyDown 3 0
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Colorful Life :iconberkleydown:BerkleyDown 1 0
Colorful Death by BerkleyDown
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Colorful Death :iconberkleydown:BerkleyDown 2 0
Rose and Body by BerkleyDown Rose and Body :iconberkleydown:BerkleyDown 0 0


there is something redeeming
about blood, water, and white wine
:icontimetravelingdiamond:timetravelingdiamond 1 0
what does it feel like to be sober at a party?
sometimes you want to spit out your teeth
because you’ve been grinding them so hard
under a diaphanous coating of crimson lipstick;
but you know the floors already freckled with confetti-
aluminum and glass and paper-
and the eburnean pearls tucked away in your mouth
are not able to be recycled
and sometimes it’s rivulets on the back of your neck,
droplets dripping like honey,
because the rooms heating up from people swarming like bees;
as your cheeks burgeon like crimson roses
your oversized sweater becomes your only source of safety-
maybe from the constant touch of others,
as they bump around like lost passengers at a train station,
or maybe protection from those seeking pollination
you see mouths painted
with the liquid limerence, the daunting dalliance,
of any boy or girl with a tongue;
as their veins pump with effervescent liquid,
and their hearts turn to corks and bottle caps,
you can’t help but wonder what it’s like
to dance with something other
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 48 20
the graves are not filled with the
dead but the dreaming.
:iconinnoctemn:innoctemn 43 14
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Thoughts :iconlanatustich:LanaTustich 46 14
The Overthrown Queen by Lora-Vysotskaya The Overthrown Queen :iconlora-vysotskaya:Lora-Vysotskaya 295 257
Tidal song, eyelash dew,
your April eyes; you blink
into being like newborn stars,
with a crack of thunder
and a pour of paint
my hands are stained
pier harvest, salt-shelled
and rising, roiling with purpose
like an assemblage of clouds
patient downpours
While you blink I’ll hunch over into Spring
Gardening maternity; we’ll plant birthstones
in the soil of my skin
:iconsoundlesswhispers:SoundlessWhispers 3 0


Hey everyone! Thank you so much for supporting my art, it really makes me feel like what I am doing is worth something. Because of that, I strive to improve and I'm going to ask for your help. I'm too cheap to upgrade to a Core Membership for a "formal" critique request, so I'll just ask here. Please give me some thoughtful responses on my work - what's good and what needs to be improved. Thanks a bunch!!


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"Have I gone mad?"

I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."

- Alice in Wonderland


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Lora-Vysotskaya Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!
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Thanks for the fav! :)
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Thank you for faving Farrapo :D
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hello there,
thank you for the favourites c: I appreciate it greatly.
how are you doing? do you have lovely weather to enjoy?
I'm wishing you a nice day ♡

~ Ann
BerkleyDown Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016  Student General Artist
Hello - no problem, your work is incredible. I'm breathing and today that's good enough :) the weather here in California is most definitely lovely. Thank you for your comment :)
LadyBitterblue Featured By Owner May 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you c: I'm glad to hear that. Keep breathing, then, and catch some sun.
drowsydoe Featured By Owner Edited Apr 30, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
i just wanted to take the time to tell you thank you. i've seen your comments and favorites and i was really pressed for time up until now. i've been wanting to respond for a long time and i'm happy that now i finally have a moment to do so properly. thank you, beyond words, for your support. thank you for your unfailing kindness and your positive feedback. i've been dealing with a lot lately and DeviantArt is the only place where i can really turn the problems into positivity. And while the writing aspect does wonders for emotional relief, it's the feeling of being seen that makes the real difference. when i see people like you commenting and giving praise, it does more than make my day. it makes me feel as though i can bring something good out of the negativity that i face. you really help to make a difference, so thank you.
BerkleyDown Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016  Student General Artist
Woah! So happy to know that I have an impact in such a talented person's really are incredible and I have every intention to continue my support because I fall in love with your writing every time I read it. It gives me a chance to get out of my head as well, and for that it should be me thanking you - so thank you, and keep up the amazing work.
comatose-comet Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
thanks for the fave :rose:
DylanSeto Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016   Artist

Just wanted to thank you for the fave!

Also, since I'm currently focusing on music, I was wondering if you'd be interested in listening/sharing my music?

If you are, I can link you to where you can find that stuff!

-Dylan Seto
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