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sorry guys, fall out boy is back and i'm so so so happy ♡♡♡♡
  • Listening to: young volcanoes - fall out boy
  • Listening to: Tokyo Police Club - Wait Up (Boots of Danger)
We love you ♥ (but i love more, haha XD)

Patrick+Pete by Drea29 I'm The Leading Man. by GabDlm Your Secrets Out by Drea29
  • Listening to: Tokyo Police Club - Sixties Remake
  • Watching: Sponge Bob
  • Drinking: Water
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1-what's your favorite type of art?

2-how old are you?
Sixteen years x3

3-what's your favorite song?
I don't know... I can not choose XD

4-do you like rock? 8D

5-do you think my daviantArt username ridiculous?
No, is cute x3

6-what you're favorite season?
Winter, i love sooo much the cold :3

7-do you like the beatles?
I do not usually hear much, but I admire them too, especially the influence.

8-what's your real name?
Carolina, but i hate it

9-do you like Harry Potter?
Yeah :3 i love the first movie!

10-do you make EVERYTHING to see your idol personally?
hm... not everything XD but i tried my best (: