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FREE ICON - Bubbly Potion

Ok, so... this is my first animation, I hope it is good, even though small, haha

If you use, please credit me, hope you like! ♥
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possibly using on my Twitch as a decoration! will credit <3
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This is amazing for your first, it's so cute! I definitely plan on using this, and I will credit~ Thanks!
CMoretzfan19's avatar
how do you use this so it'll fit? I tried and it said it needs to be smaller 
flauver's avatar
yeah u need 50x50 for gif icons
CMoretzfan19's avatar
ya idk how to resize icons tbh D: 
flauver's avatar
same! Oh well.
CMoretzfan19's avatar
I used to know someone who knew how to resize them but she completely cut off connection with me :shrug: :/ 
Bbroadway-Bbaby's avatar
So cute! Do you think I could use it on another website? With credit, of course.
JOY-3-2-1's avatar
can you tell us how to do bubbles effect?
also,very nice,using
Alice-Laik's avatar
EN: Using!~
ArbusPuffs's avatar
...on my profile.
MintyMagic74's avatar
Sally,normal outfit! by MintyMagic74  I hope you dont mind me using it for this drawing
LLatte's avatar
too cute not to use!
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