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Robot ChipReader Update

More about this artwork and all my other stuff on!

##### 3D (Anaglyph) VERSION here: #####

##### INTERACTIVE LIGHT COMPOSITING of this robot here: #####

Due to so many helpful critiques that I got for my ROBOT CHIPREADER
Robot ChipReader by Bergie81
I decided to update this artwork. The aim was a high-res “All is full of light”.

I think there was no compound I haven’t touched. For a detailed view and some more information about the process of origination just have a look:
Robot Update Details by Bergie81

I am quite happy with the result and I hope you like it.
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You ned a award for this.
Really cool.
Future Cyborg.
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This looks really cool! Did you make it by hand?
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by hand?
You mean that I draw it?
This is a 3D render. Details are in the comment.
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A really nice color scheme, nice reflections and that nice finish. Really cool.
Try to bend the fingertips a bit (to make it more human since we tend to over-do "gripping actions") and close the mouth and you'l have a winner!
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Love the realism!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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I am having major difficulty remembering that this is a digital image and not a photograph.

Great job!
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To be honest, this is a real photo I took in my private million dollar lab...
Mum's the word!
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Oh, I won't tell a soul! ...So long as you promise to robot-up my laptop!
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WOW amazing resolution, kick ass animation
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kinda reminds of the safeguard from blame (if you don't know blame: it's an awesome manga set in the future)
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havent seen it before and just googled it.

and yeah, you are right - they have stolen my idea...
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would be awesome if they were really inspired by your creation :P keep up the good stuff
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good start, but make this render more interesting by:
- adding/modeling more (typical/crazy) details (get inspired here on deviant art)
- adding reflections (use hdri-maps)
- making it more blink-blink (its a robot -> robots always have tiny light sources)
- use depth of field (very important for realistic renders)
- choose another camera view (golden ratio, crazy camera postion)

futher, white parts are to white (face), black parts are to black (eyes)

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thank you man! you giving me positive feelings) how can i add you as a friend ?) whats the golden ratio cameraq view? and hdri reflections maps are the images yes? something to reflect yes?
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you can become a watcher (+deviant watch, top right on my profil)

golden ratio is a common technique in photography and painting. the object of interest is positioned between middle and the side (1/3 of the canvas width). google this and have look at other techniques. even color theory helps a lot to make a render look interesting.

hdri images create a more natural look than simple light sources. they reflect different moods depending of the image you choose. it is even a fast way to create atmospheric reflections.

working with the maxwell render is even like taking a picture with a dslr (thats their slogan). knowing more about photography helps a lot to make good renderings.

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