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January 11, 2010
Robot ChipReader by ~Bergie81 is a fantastic render of a wonderful model. In the words of the suggester, "This is one of the best robot pictures I've seen so far."
Featured by joannastar
Suggested by inmc
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Robot ChipReader

More about this artwork and all my other stuff on!

3D (Anaglyph) VERSION:
Anaglyph Robot by Bergie81

Robot ChipReader Update by Bergie81

INTERACTIVE FLASH of this robot:
Interactive Robot Lights by Bergie81

This is a digital interpretation of my diploma thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin.

Here I developed a fluorescence detector to read out special chips with thousands of tiny reaction vessels.
Well, the real ChipReader looks a little bit different than the one above but it works in the same way.

Hope you like it! :love:

There is also an overview of the workflow:
History Robot ChipReader by Bergie81

A video of this robot you can find here: :film:
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ChappieFeathers's avatar
I thought he was lasering himself in the eyes for a second and all I thought was "ow my eyes"
Lol nice pic
Bergie81's avatar
Interesting approach...
fantastic art .. i love that , could i use this image for my company profile
yemhigtm's avatar
We like to use it as our company logo if it is ok? please email me
noro8's avatar
Great work-love it!
M10tje's avatar
Hi there,
i want to let you know that you have been featured in my journal R.A.C.H.
This kind of artwork are inspiration to me. My compliments for the design of this unique piece.

Bergie81's avatar
Thanks for featuring me!
M10tje's avatar
With pleasure.
memo-designs's avatar
i like field of depth ,render and material ...nice work
Bergie81's avatar
Tigerach's avatar
That's so amazing!
hery1989's avatar
Hi, can I use it in my blog please?
Bergie81's avatar
Of course.
please link me in some way.
hery1989's avatar
Awesome, thanks! I'll let you know!
Venezuala's avatar
i hope you don't mind but i would love to use this as my profile picture!
Venezuala's avatar
wow impressive and thanks!!
mthomasart's avatar
That would be creepy if people were actually robots like that.
nishagandhi's avatar
I have featured ur work in my blog :) :)
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