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September 7, 2006
Attention to detail... and an overall amazing space. I just want to go there and lounge.Living room by ~berenika
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Living room

I've never submitted anything like this:) So... critique is very welcome!

and i know, tree is ugly
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cool, nice chairs mama-son
lovely :), such a warm and confy scene :D
oh one more thing....your stanlesssteal is not real. I think maybe because of the reflect size.
awesome, awesome work..I'm an interior design student and my question is how you get the actual furniture for your school, we are taught to Model in Sketchup and then render the 3d model in Artlantis but Sketchup don't have great funiture like this. Kindly let me know what softwares you use to finally arrive at this. Thanks a lot.. Eve
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thank you)
i modelled everything in 3dmax, but all furniture is from real shop or magazine, so i could take pictures with fabric textures and copy proportions.

you can download models from oficial sites of furniture companies and you can use ready models from someones scenes. i put this furniture for public downloading here: [link]
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great lighting!
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I love it.............[link]
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thank you for sharing this! this give me wonderful ideas for my living room :D
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do you create your own textures or such?

I do texture work and was wondering if i sent you some perhaps you could implement them into a render or something, just to see what you can do with them, however i suppose i would need a specific size/resolution? All my textures are available usually 512x512 in DDS format, or whichever would be suitable.

Just a pipe dream, if you dont wish to do that no worries!!!! I have a ton of stuff on my plate atm also! hehe
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yes, all textures were mine. or mostly mine... i just took pictures from real furniture in the store. or from tiles or fabrics - mostly people want to see "how it will be in real" with real stuff.
thts really nice:) thank you! do you have alligator texture? it does not really mater what size they are.
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alligator! You mean the texture of an alligators scales in general? Or a skin that would go on a 3d alligator model and have to be tailored to fit to the 3d mesh?
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in general...
i need it for tiles in night club))) cant take a good picture, tiles are too glossy))))
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its rly good.

i just started a job using vray and im switching over from xsi.

i do animation more and not so much stills

its it hard?
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thank you:)
its not hard... when u know some detailes %))
good luck with vray
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christ what u use dosch? total textures??
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so... when do i move in?
starflower135's avatar looks real!!! wonderful job to you :nod:
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Ugly tree yeah, but it adds more color to the room which is good. Nice pic. :heart:
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Wow, I almost thought this was a photo! Fantastic work! And about the tree, I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out. ;)
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Thanks a lot!!:)
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