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Elsa Evolution

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Elsa Evolution
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now if we continue the trend with Frozen 2, her hair goes down once again just like when she was a child

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Looks like the story with my mind xd
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From a playful little girl to an introverted royal to a confident and powerful (not to mention beautiful) woman and queen.

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Elsa's backstory makes no sense and is unrelatable. I don't count Elsa hiding herself away for 18 years as canon.
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Elsa truly evolved. :)
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High quality art; it shows the sequence of growth that Elsa went through from youth to queen to learning how to deal with her abilities.  Any chance of a similar growth history for Anna.
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Love that because normal Elsa is royal and well behave the snow queen Elsa is beautiful, shy, kindness, playful, caring, and gold hearted person
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From an innocent child through a tormented, self-loathing youth and a prospect of a tortured, lonely adulthood to a queen possessed of a gift that must make it impossible to even begin to predict her destiny.
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I just love this! Elsa Forever!
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very well done!!! ^^ 
I love it!
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Even as a little girl, there's something kind of sad in her face.
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The Ice Empress. 
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It's a bit like Die Another Day, Frozen was, basically starts off with the protagonists getting tortured.
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And it also has an elaborate ice sculpture, too.  Granted, it's a hotel instead of a castle, but still...
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If she were to get into a pissing contest with those people, she'd be like: "This is an ice hotel? ... ... No no no no no no no no no ... " Then she'd do the entire Vagas strip out of Ice and go "THIS, is an ice hotel, as is that, and that, and that, and that ... "
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And it would be a most entertaining sight to see.
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Gold Star Gold Star This is great. So simple get so moving. And so very eccentric. Very good job. 
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It's amazing to see how this character grew and evolved over time.
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I love love the emotion you've managed to convey here with this. First you see Elsa is a happy little girl, contented that she is gifted with magical powers, then this little girl becomes a ghost of her former self as she is over-shadowed by fear and the possibility of harming anyone. A sad longing look on her face shows that she wishes with all her heart that she could join her sister to play. Then there is a perfect re-imagining of the from the film where Elsa says "Don't touch me!" in 'Do You Wanna Build A Snowman'. Then devestated acceptance of her fate to live an existence instead of a life, then the vunerable woman trying to keep control and then, finally, the Snow Queen Elsa becomes when she decides to unleash her full potential. First of all, if you wanted to convey emotion well in your drawing, you've certainly done that! Second of all well done for having the perseverance to draw all these Elsas! Much better than anything I could do. If you really wanted I could nit-pick but all I'd say is to tweak things that don't apply to my personal tastes. I have seen better quality 'Snow Queen' Elsas around DA as EVERY ARTIST AND THEIR GRANDMA are drawing Elsa, but I've seen worse too, such as my own. I love youngest Elsa playing with her icy powers, she's my favourite you've draw here as she's so fricking cute!

Sorry for the long comment, I sort of ramble on a bit when it comes to Elsa. XD
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