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Chinese Dragon Stencil

Chinese Dragon

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I used your stencil to make a design I am thinking of trying to sell prints of on Etsy, if that's OK with you. I've sent you a copy of the design I made to your gmail address, so you can see what it looks like. Let me know what you think! 
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Not sure if I have commented here previously or not.

I love this design and am going to use it in my living room (I collect dragons as you can see in the link below)

I am going to put this design on my lamps but use the T-shirt paper to iron the printed design onto the inside of the shades which I will be making with the same fabric I use to make the roman blind, gothic arch pelmet and long curtains.
I will also be adorning the top and bottom of the lamps with peyote stitched delica beads to compliment the embellishments I am making for the blind, pelmet and curtains.
When the lamps are switched off the dragons won't be seen but when they are switched on they will magically appear.

I am also making a stencil from adhesive vinyl in three different sizes (two of each) and will be stencilling two dragons opposite ways up on each of my three nesting tables.

And I have converted the design with my cross stitch software to make a firm cushion for my library chair to bring the chair to the correct height to use at my Yamaha keyboard.

I will add images of my finished work to my FB album (link below) but will also let you know on here.
Thank you so much for allowing people to use your lovely design :-)…
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Hello! My friend and I used this to make a stencil on a costume, which you can see here:

I gave credit plus a link to this image in my writeup. Thanks!
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Hi Beraka!
We used your stencil (changed it a little bit) for the entry of our chinese massage tent... I would love to send you a picture! Where can I send it to? Also I would like to give you credit for it, what link would you like to be posted wherever I post the picture? :)
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you can link a image to me here in DeviantART (in my profile) or send it to me via email (bigberaka (at) :) thanks for contact me!! :thumbsup:
Hey I'll be using your design for a school work. I'll try to take a picture, post it up and link it to you as soon as I'm done with it! Thank yoouu :D
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I like it! I want to buy the stencil but all I can find is the print in different sizes. Where do I buy the stencil?
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Hey dude! :D It's an Epic Stencill you've made! :D Can me and my friend, use it on a longboard? :D

Ruben & Albert,
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yeah! of course! just let me know your final work! upload or send me a photo!! :D

regards! :)
Hello Beraka!
This graphic is great!

I'm writing a movie treatment which most of its plot happens in a chinese restaurant. I would love to use this graphic for the design of its cover, of course mentioning your credit on it!

I would send you the cover in advance :)

My website: [link]
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ok! thanks for use my design! let me know your final work :D

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is your work free to use O: ?
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yeah! just let me know your final work :D :thumbsup:
thanks for a lovely design! Just used a copy of yours for our bulletin boards - great versatility! Will link to give you points asap.
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nice!! let me know your final work!! send me a link or a note :D
I will use your dragon design on my final project in my automotive graphics class... will post the picture up as soon as i am done and credit you completely! :)
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Hey. Great job with the stencil. May I use it as part of a t-shirt?
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yeah!! thank you!! :D feel free to use it!! and let me see your final work!! :thumbsup:
Just used your dragon for a tai chi poster/flyer. Colored him red. Looks great! What do the "points" do for you? Will buy some if they help you somehow. Thanks!
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yeah! great! :D like to have some daPoints!! for buy a shirt xD hehe
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hi. I would like to use your symbol for a work of art of mine please.
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ok, use it, don't worry! :D
I used your dragon to carve my pumpkin this past Halloween. Sadly, a couple of details were lost in the carving process... but... :D It's a wonderful dragon. [link]
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