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1991 Powerpuff Girls...but newer. by beppbop, visual art

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My Bio

Just some girl who's a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and The Powerpuff Girls, nothing to see here.

Favourite Visual Artist
AldrineRowdyruff, LaceyPowerpuffGirl, thatsmashguy, lillanlover2007, buburja98
Favourite Movies
Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Encanto, The Powerpuff Girls Movie, 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1961), Turning Red, Toy Story
Favourite TV Shows
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Rick and Morty, The Powerpuff Girls, South Park, Looney Tunes, Family Guy
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
System of A Down, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Taylor Swift
Favourite Books
Diary of A Wimpy Kid, Cam Jansen, My Weird School, My Weirder School, Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Double Down, Junie B Jones
Favourite Writers
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Favourite Games
Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, Pacman, Roblox, Minecraft, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, Tetris
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Xbox, PlayStation, SNES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Tools of the Trade
Paint 3D, Paper and Pencil
Other Interests
Playing Roblox, Drawing, Browsing YouTube

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Most PPG fans are....weird. by beppbop, journal

If these 7 were on a road trip, who would be most likely to eat all the snacks?

10 votes
Classic Blossom
Classic Blossom
Classic Blossom
Modern Blossom
Modern Blossom
Modern Blossom
Classic Buttercup
Classic Buttercup
Classic Buttercup
Modern Buttercup
Modern Buttercup
Modern Buttercup
Modern Knuckles
Modern Knuckles
Modern Knuckles
Classic Boi
Classic Boi
Classic Knuckles
Modern Sonic
Modern Sonic
Modern Sonic
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I'm backkk!
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Just so you guys know, ask 1991, 1992, and 1998 Buttercup, Ask Classic Blossom, and Ask Buttercup are closed, but Ask Knucklecup and Ask Classic Buttercup and Classic Knuckles are still open.
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I'm so glad! I was worried about you.

Guess who's back again

to tell a friend

I know that you've hated and blocked @RoyTheMann456 because of his immaturity, obsession with Bubbles and his tendency to get mad when he doesn't get what he wants.

Well, I have done some pretty disgraceful things in the past myself, most of which involve my best friend/girlfriend, @LaceyPowerPuffGirl.

This journal lists some of those things that I've done to defend her during the drama back in 2020.

But there was one instance of me defending her to rather selfish extremes that stood out.

Back in 2020, when I found out that SamiBubblesPPG blocked Lacey, probably due to the drama the latter caused, I was angry and tried to order her to unblock her, but she merely blocked me as well. After that, I tried many other attempts to get her to pay attention to and listen to me and follow my orders, ranging from asking other people to make her unblock me and Lacey and writing some status updates, like this example.

However, when I saw that she didn't notice them, I got increasingly frustrated and yelled at her for ignoring and "disobeying" my wishes. Unsurprisingly, Adri was not happy with this at all and, as you can see in the comment section below, stepped in to defend Sami, scolding me for wrongfully chewing her out and not caring about her freedom and decisions.

Then, one day in August of 2020, I sent her a note asking for a way to get Sami to make amends with me and Lacey. Her response? Leaving Sami alone is the only way she would consider doing so. I said that I wanted it to eventually happen, not willing to wait until Christmas or New Year, but Adri said that it'll most likely take at least a year and that it can't be fixed overnight, adding that I can't always get what I want.

Then, I did something I wished I should've never done in the first place; making a small rant about my hatred of Lacey's suffering. This proved to be the final straw for Adri, who said that she's tired of hearing my "I can't stand seeing Lacey being treated like garbage" statements. She then stated that Sami was treated badly too and I didn't care about it, and, finally losing her patience with me and having had enough of my selfishness, blocked me, ending the friendship between me and her for good. She also said that she'd block me if I kept telling her about the drama, but I was so stubborn that I didn't listen. She was done with me.

After that incident, I stopped focusing on Sami and tried to make Adri realize that I want to make amends with her, such as writing status updates like this one, trying to get other people to tell her to unblock me and even making a wish to dAWishingWell. However, all of my attempts went unnoticed by Adri and my wish was rejected because dAWishingWell doesn't accept unblocking wishes.

With that, I accepted defeat, knowing that Adri now hates me for treating one of her friends like dirt. I think I learned a lesson, and that is to never disrespect the freedom of other people.

But my time on Adri's block list wouldn't last for an eternity. Near the end of December 2021, I discovered that I had somehow been unblocked by her and decided to apologize to her through a comment and then notes. She responded with this. (By the way, a glitch caused me to be unblocked by her, not Adri herself)

Maybe not quite forgiven, but close enough

Even though she doesn't quite forgive me for my terrible treatment of Sami and stubborness back in 2020, at least she doesn't hate me now and is willing to give me a second chance as long as I abide by one condition: never mention the past again.

Ask Buttercup #4 Please tell me why the title is the same

You should ask Buttercup #5. It's the title

ask Buttercup #4

Ask Buttercup #4

Are you still going to use this account?