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May 17, 2009
The Koenigsegg by ~Beowulf-Kennedy
Featured by Ikue
Suggested by hearttoankle
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The Koenigsegg

I managed to scare the dickens out of my classmates with this piece. They thought it was done in Maya at first glance, but its actually done entirely with Illustrator 10. But MAN, I had fun doing this! :)
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thejackal007's avatar
This is very pretty. Would you do my dream car next... the Agera?
KhoaSV's avatar
Oh sht.... this is vector art!!!
MeAli-ADK's avatar
This is awesome work :clap:

I want to invite you to our group for vector artists here: [link]

We're trying to collect only the best and high quality works in this gallery.

We'll be happy if you join the group and share this beautiful car with the others :D
weknow's avatar
that is so beautiful
VE3n0m's avatar
Shit you fooled me too, thought it was Maya/3Ds max.

Enormous props to you and w/e you do in your spare time :P
iSkyloft's avatar
How many layers ?
L-Kat's avatar
Simply genius!

I have never seen anything so amazing that was done in Illustrator!

Bravo, man, bravo.
cenevols's avatar
how long did it take?
Bast-Incarnation's avatar
:iconjawdropplz: THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I thought it was a photo at first... but then I was looking at it more and as like, there's no way this was colored... but it IS and thats the REALLY cool part!!!

DAMN you are good at what you do. ;)
Yagami0's avatar
Great work it looks really cool, so many details xD
Her-Shades-of-Dark's avatar
...HOLLLY SNAPPPS :omfg: simply brilliant
leetghostdriver's avatar
nice peice of work you have here... but if you dont mind i will critiqe it (my way)
it is true that first appearances it appears to be a 3d model... however the longer you look at it the more you see the intricate details that are a little... off, for instance the right-hand side fender (the closest to camera) is the most deialed, however if you look accross the front of the car the lights on the left side look a lot more "vectorised" than the ones on the right not sure if that is what you wanted or not... but well that is my opinion

anyway critiqe aside, i personnally love this car, it runs on a ford GT engine and weighs just over a ton, and with that body i can get up to speeds of over 350KMph
Mantastic001's avatar
Wow... you are the VECTOR KING!
Nyctra's avatar
That's VECTOR?!!
NapoLord's avatar
wait... you made the whole car from zero with illustrator?
LegendaryD's avatar
I want that car! :D
comanchie's avatar
such a sexy car. Koenigsegg's are so fine
bnr87's avatar
can I drive.
narcarsiss's avatar
a real mans car :D
Dark-Lord-of-Sith's avatar
Wow how did you do this? Can you make a tutorial for it?
madxkitten's avatar
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