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Marion Jr.

A comissioned portrait of the son of one of my former coworkers from my summer job of 2003. You gotta be careful with facial details, as I learned doing this piece, since even the slightest shade of color added in excess or lacking in supply can throw off the likeness so much. This taught me to be VERY careful with glazings of color.
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This looks a lot like my little brother
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No comments??

Wtf ;/

Okay seriously this is awesome. I SUCK at realism. I wish I could that ;.; Man o man.

I love the hands they look SO real.

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Hehee. Aww, shucks... :blush: Thanks.:)

Although I think I know why this has thus far gained no comments. Its likely an aspect of the fact that a portrait is a portrait is a portrait, and when you dont know the actual face of the person in question (like if I did a pic of say... Antonio Bandaeras (spelled right? :?)), there really isnt much you can say about the picture unless the issue that one adresses is the technique. Maybe. (Boy, that was a mouthful!:o)