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April 25, 2006
Watercolors so precisely placed, the result is very much like color-pencils. Jackal by ~Beowulf-Kennedy is a beautiful reproduction of a jackal in it's natural setting.
Featured by oedalis
Suggested by SarahScala
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I After I completed my Tigers painting, I wanted to give my technical painting capacities a kick in the pants and do something a bit more detailed. I kinda startled myself and a few other people, as it looked a bit like I did it in colored pencil instead of watercolor.

Original photograph copyright this dude!: [link]
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thejackal007's avatar
Oh, this is quite nice. :)
djred9999's avatar
congrats on the DD ^^ i love Jackals
Quasar-Mouse's avatar

I wouldn't get too close to this guy. He looks like he's got a bone to pick.

And that just makes it seem even more real!
MightyDarknut's avatar
love it! jackals are my fave!
kennedoe's avatar
Waow o.O awesome :]
GarroteFrancell's avatar
this looks pretty cool!! nice!! i love the colors.. the mixing of it.. is fantastic!.. all is in nice shape.. wow!
Sachiko7's avatar
That's wow...
I feel tired now
VincentiusMatthew's avatar
pretty cool ,senpai... ^^
WulfyWaffle's avatar
Awwwh... That's so cute! ^^
thejackal007's avatar
This is so....cute! :D
OhImSeeinStars's avatar
oh wow. just amazing. the detail is phenomenal.
serpentinekiss's avatar
I've featured this work here [link]
Tim-Onnes's avatar
DragonnessMekolai's avatar
As great as this picture is (honestly, I'm not putting it down, I think its wonderful ^^) I kind of wish that you would have given a little more credit to the original photo that you may have referenced it from.

You did a very good job and I'm glad you have received a DD from it, just that a little credit to the photographer may have been greatly appreciated for it ^^; and just in case you may have forgotten, you can find it here [link]

I have no problem with your art, its beautiful and you have talent :D
RagdollUnicorn's avatar
Amazing! I thought it was a photo!
Moonlit-Illusion's avatar
I love it! I can draw pretty well but I absolutely can't paint like this. Nice work:D
No-sheep-sherlock's avatar
Watercolors? Nuh-uh, I say!

Oh, if my watercolor skills were that good.... :+fav:
Trishn479's avatar
omg this is so gooooddd :)
good job,
MouzArt's avatar
wow. nice work.. :D
Alleycat714's avatar
How come this doesn't have like 500 favs?! Beautiful work...just stunning.
pirate-soul's avatar
Amazing, stunning... I thought it was a photo!!
Fused0001's avatar
thats amazing, i cant believe you got that precision with a paint brush :worship:
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