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Cox in a Box

Get it? ;3

Cox Copyright sensei Gideon! [link]
Santa's Lil' Snowleopard copyright me. ;3

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can I un wrap it
heyyoukittychu's avatar
Oh no you didn't xD
nummanummaman123's avatar
can i unwrap my gift sir....please ^_^
the best gift ever !
deathstonemakers's avatar
.............thats f@#%ing......... HUGE!
deathstonemakers's avatar
i love cox, hes so damn cute =^-^=
OHHHHH i cant wait to open that present maybe i might get what i wanted this year MMMMMMMM
kairiprincessofevil's avatar
:la: xD THATS EPIC! ;) i wounder wat it is?
Ichigothekitty's avatar
1. you cut a hole in the box
2. you put your junk in the box
3. you make her open the box
russetwolf13's avatar
:iconnotesplz: It's my dick in a boooooox!
id like 2 see him get that box through airport security ^^
Jackoman's avatar
I test my presents with a Hammer First. To check for Explosives.
Igotnutinbtr2do's avatar
That package isn't suspicious in any way!
russetwolf13's avatar
No one ask me why I faved this. I have no idea.

It intrigues me.
Yazor-San's avatar
Wow, that 'box' is huge! :noes:
spitzen's avatar
I know it's a bit too late, but I can't resist admiring the sexiness of this vixen!! :D
ShujinTribble's avatar
Powerful 2-Point Perspective work, there!</Clueless>
Emperorkarsa's avatar
HAHAHA Like the song. Funny! :D
SalenStormwing's avatar
It's a "meow" in a box!
Wandering-wolves's avatar
No thanks!I'm not opening that christmas present even if it breaks all christmas tradition and it being rude...XD
wildrook's avatar
SNL comes to mind...
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