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Artfully Armed

Poster advert I whipped up for a weapons illustration panel my buddy Kitwulfen and I'd been hosting for 2 summers past.
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I love running across stuff like this long after the fact.  Kitwulfen is the best weapons artist that I am familiar with!  He has a great working knowledge of weaponry, weapon safety, and can design new weapons and adapt them to a new (or very old) environment.
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Gosh I could really use a visit to this. I'm terrible at drawing weapons!
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Im rather interested in learning that kind of stuff. im adaquit but not great.
LoveLessWings's avatar
the outfit is so pretty *^* :heart:
KenJKitsune's avatar
I'll take that gun, kthx. X3
KenJKitsune's avatar
Either will suffice. The scope on the sniper rifle is pretty spiffy, though. =3
bluesquirreldude's avatar
I maintain you follow the female path of RPG armor class; less you wear, higher the armor XD
Beowulf-Kennedy's avatar
Might come to be that I'll even go Drake Fenwick tribute and deck out Beo in the Frazetta Bikini armor, with complimentary Sabre-toothed Tiger. All the better reason to prance about in next-to-nothing and still whup some ass! =D
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Lookin' awesome. Will you be hosting it at any cons this year?
Beowulf-Kennedy's avatar
Might well be hosting the sci-fi portion at FWA, this month! =D
Aelius24's avatar
Oooh, awesome. I'll keep an eye out for ya, then :D
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Kit handles the AK-47, sSCARs and G36s while Beo handles the energy-based weapons, like pulse rifles, rail guns and diusruptor weapons. Niiiiice. A "Shot Show" for furs. :dance:
Gimli-kins's avatar
Nice to see your work again. :3 Very nice.
Edge-sama's avatar
aaaw, that would have been so fun. It's an awesome illustration too
ParadoxReign's avatar
Like I said before, you're skill turly has inproved if I compare this to your old pictures. The way you use textures, details as like a perfect anatomy is sheer incredible.

What I like the most of this one here, are the rifles as like the uniform of your character.

I said it once and I say it twice; I'm glad to see you back and hope for more wonderful artworks from you.
Madmann135's avatar
the free float tactical rail on that M-16 (family) Assault-rifle (that was a mouth full) looks magnificently done.
theeo123's avatar
I absolutely LOVe the armor on the cat in the back, The detailed line patterns are stunning.
pikajane's avatar
very awesome, where did you host the illustration panel?
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