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Managed to retrieve my password huzzah!
I'm older now and man, this account is OLD. 
I don't know if I'll be managing this page all the time, I mostly maintain a presence over at tumblr, now.
So here's my tumblr fanblog/artblog, if you want to follow!

So yeah, stay for some tea and cakes okay? :) :) 
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EDIT: This will end on the 10th of August. Get in now before you lose the chance to! I will randomly draw a number on that day and then notify the winner.

I love giving out random crap, so how about this time I give away a full years premium? This giveaway is completely raffle-based, but you have to do a few things to be eligible!

1. You must favorite this journal.
2. You must share this journal to your watchers, this gives everyone a chance to enter.
3. You have to link me back to your journal you wrote in the comments, and then I'll give you your number!

I'm hoping that this giveaway will end around the end of August, so you have plenty of time to sort yourselves out c:
So I recently bought a super cute crochet top from Garage since it was finally on SALE! Yes!! from $34 to $15! Finally.
(If anybody here wants to buy, just click on that link up there^ or visit your local Garage store)
I wish I could post a picture of it here, but my regular membership doesnt permit that. I miss my PM :(

But being the tiny, petite person that I am, the smallest size hangs a bit loose on me, and it's also a bit too long. :( 
So I was wondering if I could cut it? But I'm afraid of it unraveling since it's made out of crochet..or crochet lace. I really can't tell the difference sometimes. It's a bit confusing for me. 
I was thinking of cutting it up at the bottom. So does anyone know how to do that safely? OR if it can't be done, does anyone know how to shrink crochet? If that's even possible?

Reply to this post or send me a link, I'd really appreciate it! And I could give you a shoutout or make something for you! Thanks mucho <3 
This is just my personal opinion, but I think action makers should use photos that have no post-processing/edits whatsoever, so as not to mislead the people who would want to download their actions. IN OTHER WORDS, action makers should use unedited photos and then work from those.

Sometimes I download an action and wonder why the effect looks absolutely nothing like the preview images used! 
Anyway, I think it's much more fulfilling and challenging to take a totally unedited photo and make it beautiful :) 

This is just my opinion! :D 
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Hi guys! So ever since I've stated making photoshop actions I have been having tons of fun. If ever anyone has any ideas for new ones, just send me a message! Or comment below. Whatever works for you. :D 

I could make brushes too, or other resources. It would be fun to challenge myself with something new every now and then. 

Also, check out my blog for some art, resources and just some random things!
You can also check out my sister's blog, she makes tons of Mass Effect and Dragon age fanart, and I can say she's pretty good. Her stuff are hilarious!
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Yeah, I made a new blog. It chronicles my adventures on this land called Canada. If you're interested, have a look at 
Our Passport Country

Here I post some of my ramblings, and then some of the DIY I do, some art, some projects. Yepyep! 

so my friend has finally succeeded in her task of converting me! I'm looking at you femkashi :iconfemkashi: haha!
This series is beyond amazing, waaaay better than Twilight and Damon is just... LOVE :heart: He's like the tragic not hero. :"(
Im still at season 2 though. Can't wait to watch the rest of the series! :)
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I think I've finally found an art style i like! It's sorta Fables-y.. it's pretty fun to do. :D
And today isn't really one of my wordy days.. so ciao everyone.
If you wanna check it out, here are the stuff I've drawn recently using this new art style…   <--TAMED…   <-- THE FROG PRINCE
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hey so everyone, :iconpileofjunk: is hosting a 1000 point giveaway contest :D
go check it out! you might even win :)
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It's my only source of inspiration nowadays. Plus my photoshop isn't working so i've only got Lightroom to work with, which isn't so bad really. And I kinda miss the feel of having a Premium Membership :XD: toodles.
Therefore, I's seriously hoping :icon100billionpoints123: 100billionpoints123 will send me some points so I can start saving up for this membership! :D It would make me so happy T_T
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..deviant ever. I haven't logged in in AGES and I've left my account to rot.. AGAIN.
Sorry guys.
From now on I'm going to TRY to upload some stuff! It's just that inspiration is hard to find these days. :(
And my Premium Membership is gone. :( So sad.

I's sure I'll be uploading soon, but this time they shall be digital pieces. My friend and I are working on this webcomic and I am the artist. :) I pray that this won't be another one of my suddenly-stop-doing things.
The webcomic is gonna be about...well..let me just copy-paste the intro my friend made. He's much better at summarizing than I am :D
"A new evil looms across the land of ___, the nation of magic, and there's only one wizard who can stop it - a naive child named from the town of ____ who goes by the name ____. There's just one problem, however: he's young and stupid. How will he fulfill his destiny? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE ETC"
his words, not mine. :D

Well, this won't be the end of me! *insert evil laugh here*

Til next time, loves!

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 5, 2011, 4:56 AM


college has kept me very busy, so i apologize for the inactivity -_-""


commented, faved, and gave features to me while i was away. I LOVE YOU GUYS. :heart: and to all those who are simply awesome...YOU ROCK. :)

outt! :)

by harleshinn


Journal Entry: Mon Jun 6, 2011, 2:32 AM

I survived my first day of college!!! WEEEEEEE!!! :D:D:D:D it was't so bad after all, haha!

by harleshinn

Amazing! And many, many thanks!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 5, 2011, 4:06 AM

yay! Many thanks to :icondeviantdeeva: for giving me this Premium Membership! :) It means a lot to me. :D
I was feeling rather sick today, and WOW the first thing I see after waking up is my profile going all Premium-mode!!! :lmao: What a great pick-me-up. :) THANKS SO MUCH! And again, thank you for helping me feel better about college. I've got less than 12 hours now before it starts. Wheeeww I hope I survive, haha. :D Once again, THANKS SO MUCH! :hug:

Yeah, I'm sick. :( Got a killer headache and I'm feeling a bit woozy. Oh well. I'll survive. :D

Thanks again, :icondeviantdeeva:!!!

by harleshinn
I wish I had my Premium membership back. :( ohhh the many things i would do with it.
And I'll be deleting some folders from my gallery. you knw, the really sucky, amateur bad ones? Yep, those. Out with the yucky old and in the the not-so-yucky new! :D haha

College starts tomorrow. And I AM SO AFRAID. -_- I don't feel prepared AT ALL! And 'll be all alone.

...FEAR. Can you smell it? :XD:

okaayy...time to start enjoying my last day of freedom! :) goodbye vacation, hello NIGHTMARE.

okay, I;m just exaggerating. Hello, COLLEGE.
Time Check! It is 11:24 in the morning! Here in the Philippines! :heart:
I am glaad to be back! :) And I've got new ideas for more photos yay! :D
Manila was super fun, we went shopping, I got KISSED by a SEAL, went MUDSLIDING, horseback riding, ziplining and bungee jumping! :) so super fun.
We watched Pirates of the Caribbean too! OMG THE MERMAID AND THE MISSIONARY! SQUEAAAL. And Kung Fu Panda 2! It made me cry. :( but it was so epic! Can't wait for a part 3!
It was a really tiring trip though, I feel so drained.
And college starts in a day. -_- i'm gonna die.

Oh nooow..I take more pictures! :D yay!

OUT! :heart:
I'll be away for the whole week. :) TOODLES! I'm coming back, I promise :heart:
One day I hope to take pictures of people, and not just useless objects. Problem is, it's quite hard to organize photoshoots and stuff where I live. And I don't know any willing models..yet. So for now imma practice with regular, boring, useless stuff.

It's been soooo super duper mega long since I've last set foot on Deviantart. :(
I've been gone for over a year now, and my creative juices are totally dried up. From lack of practice, I bet.
I've finally got a dslr camera now! WEE my dad bought it for me, as a graduation gift, and YES, I've finally graduated highschool! And I'll be goin on to college, and I shall take up Dentistry! Fear me, children.
I haven't taken any good photos yet, as I'm still acquainting myself with the camera, so for now I shall post illustrations I've made in photoshop. yay. And a few traditional pieces as well.

I MISS MY PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. :( :( And I've lost my way around here...hmm..

I hope you guys will help me find my way through devart again, your support would be very welcome :) seriously. I NEEEEDZZZZ ETTTTT. hahahaha

Okay..that's all for now I think..til later!

>>[[[ Bekka ]]]<<
First of all, I'd like to thank all the people who contributed to this contest. You people are AWESOME. :D
ok, here are the winners.
S.W.I.R.L by blu-ish by :iconblu-ish:
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runner ups:
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by :iconb-e-t-t-i-e:
Spritz... by tyleramato by :icontyleramato:
1 6. H E A R T bubble by AndreeaArsene by :iconandreeaarsene:
They are chatting by missi-alicja by :iconmissi-alicja:
Splinters and Sunshine by DemonOfThorns by :icondemonofthorns:


here is the list of prizes that you awesome people have won:
:bulletpink: Anyone who wants to donate a prize, whether it be a subscription, journal features, news features, commissions etc. please note beorange. Title of the note should be donation, or you could comment here.
A one month feature by beorange
News articles by beorangeDontForgetToLoveMe
Journal features by katherinebakerforeverinamotionFoxtrot44jcroxasbeorange
A devwatch by beorange
A short story/prose request by RainbowDinoRAWR
A traditional Commission by Viral-Juggernaut
3 art requests byDontForgetToLoveMe
One Month Premium Membership from DontForgetToLoveMe
Three Points from beorange
Seven Points from katherinebaker
Ten points from DontForgetToLoveMe

A news feature by beorange
A journal feature by beorangekatherinebakerforeverinamotion Foxtrot44jcroxas
A devwatch by beorange
A B & W full body sketch  by Viral-Juggernaut
2 art requests by DontForgetToLoveMe
Three Points from beorange
Ten points from DontForgetToLoveMe

A news feature by beorange
Journal features by beorangekatherinebaker foreverinamotionFoxtrot44jcroxas
A devwatch by beorange
A bust up sketch by Viral-Juggernaut
A art request by DontForgetToLoveMe
Three Points from beorange
Ten points from DontForgetToLoveMe

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