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Hal Jordan as a Star Sapphire

Here's a quickie of what I think Hal Jordan would look like with a Violet Lantern ring (aka a Star Sapphire).
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the physical stature looks more like sinestro to me, and now I want to see him all star'd up! :D fun pic!
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I think Star Saphire is too under-dressed and insane to walk around like that, yet it is accepted. Only natural to let men do the same. This burns my eyes, however, so I hope DC goes another route and starts dressing the women up a little more. xD I really don't want to see this constantly. *eyes bleed at the thought*
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They would never do that. Although it would be one of the easiest way to get the female demographic on board. Not that DC seems smart enough for that.
Because I know that institutionally, they don’t treat men like that;
The Big Sexy Problem with Superheroines and Their ‘Liberated Sexuality’

Yeah, there are totally no characters like Namor. x) 

Oh Mai, I feel so misrepresented, triggered and offended as a man. 

I don't wanna be rude or start an argument, but "female demographic" kinda presumes that all/most females share a very similar artistic taste, which is kinda not true. Whether male or female, ppl all have varying tastes and preferences. :3 

I'm pretty sure many women wouldn't find that character design that much compelling, my sister is one of them. :P 

Doesn't mean that there aren't others that would like it, what I meant was that I don't agree with the notion that all ppl from a certain gender have pretty much the same taste and that gender dictates one's artistic preferences for the most part. Gender and sexuality do play a role, but individual preferences are more of a factor imo. 

Hence why I find that notion inaccurate. 
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Well we can't be sure as there doesn't seem to be much study on the subject.
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I wish DC was cool enough to run with this idea
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Hmm,looks like 90% of male characters I design [except I cover butts,I dislike male butts].
Neat)I'd buy the comics of it
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Hal Jordan: The only hero so buff he has a *ten*-pack. :D
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SEXY...FEMALE...FAN-SERVICE; we're finally even!!
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Coool drawing! Also... Hal looks really sexy
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Phhhhht. I love drawings like this, they make me lol. XD
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Your welcome
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Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! My eyes! That's friggin' scarring!
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Yeah, I feel that way about my old art.
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It's just Hal in that suit. Yikes.
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Aaaaand, there goes what's left of my sanity... a shame really, I never used it.
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SEXEH! XDDDDDDD I'll pay for see this on a real comic :D
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Ha! Probably the funniest thing I seen all day. Nice Job!
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I got this drawing from a article about female liberation....sadly enough this reminds me of how women are portrayed in the comics in comparison to males.
But before I get emotional I like the coloring a lot. Very nicely done! Keep up the good work. :)
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