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Crimson emotion

Her mixed heritage has given her a chimeric complexion. When she blushes, out of overwhelming joy or infatuation, certain spots of her skin will turn red. The rest will stay a cool pale, until she experiences rage or insult.
Tykk Lávydor ©Charlotte winroth
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Thank you! I'm glad you think so!
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Very nice style!
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Thanks so much...!
*happy that people like Tykk*
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beautifull simply beautifull!! :worship:
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why cant I attack a drawing? :(
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You can't? But can't you just hate on me and by doing that, you attack the drawing? I'd rather you didn't, though... >_ <
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:D This is epic!!! I love how it only shows part of her face instead of the typical whole face <3
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Thanks! Yes, I had her entire face painted. But to crop it like this was somehow telling more about her person than just displaying everything.
I'm thinking about doing more, fixing obvious errors... but it's hard not to take away what's good, by accident.
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:3 what did you use on this?
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Corel Painter XI...!
But I posted this one totally wrong. Crazy...
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Glad you took the time to tell me so.

And I realize I'm a bit crazy since I sincerely want to tell the character the happy news that people are so positive to the drawing of her face. >_ <
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Thanks a lot.
When the graphic novel comes, in about two years, I hope you'll read it.
Her story is so far nothing but sweet and tolreably awkward. I know it will take a turn for the worse, though, soon enough.
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