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LGBTQAI+ romance and adventures is my cup of tea <3 And my glass of wine!

If you enjoy erotic, brave and scandalous stories I bet you'll get a kick out of me. :)

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Those I write myself :)
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Hi there McrozniaK.

I wanted to give you some critique right away, but I decided to go through your entire gallery first.

What strikes me when I compare this with what you made, say, a year ago, it would be the way you here show you are mastering all the aspects of the image.
The background, the cloth, skin, face and hair.
In some of your drawings, you seemed focused on perhaps only the colouring. The crayon-ish feel to the colour on her bodice adds to the feel of textile, it gives a texture that I'm glad you no longer apply on skin. I do not know the circumstances, perhaps you sometimes had access to a tablet and sometimes not, drawing and scanning what you made with pencil and crayon.

I feel that here I can see what has been your trademark so long - the psycadelic colourschemes, often with that grainy look - as well as your obvious feeling for animetomy (as I call it, I hope you get what I'm refering to). But the highlighted skin makes her feel like something real stepping out of that internal world of yours.

The details are there as always, with belts, string, curls, stars... I remember far back in your gallery, there is a piece called "Faust", where I suddenly realized there was like a belt of pearls/dots at the waist, that I had not been aware of at first. It took me maybe twenty seconds or something to realize it was there, since you bring som much detail to all of your characters. That is excellent, I hope you will always be so devoted and submerged in your drawings/paintings.

Its good the way your chara always brings up so many quistions. For an outsider like me there are a lot of questionmarks. Accessories like the necklaces, in this case not just a pendant but also that dog-collar-looking jewelry. It brings questions to what this means for the charas personality, her past.

I love the way you make eyes look like jewels and gemstones, and
how you in your later work are decreasing the size of these eyes and only gain credability. They gain age and reality. Ofcourse, the very large eyes have always been skillfully drawn, and there is nothing wrong with them. But recently you seem to want to give the character a more mature feel, and I've started to see more boys, more challenging poses and less of the use of the entire colour spectrum.
It shows that you are going places with your art,
that you are restraining yourself and gaining skill in that process.

Good luck to you, I hope you get far...!
//Charlotte aka Beomene
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The title makes my thoughts start spinning.
A storm.
An actual storm, just this once, or perhaps the Great Storms that we are being told will be the consequenses of the way we use our environment?
The glossy water, the contrast, it all catches the eye...

And it's especially interesting since rubber is so devestating to marine life. It sometimes imitates eostrogen in a lethal way for fishes and other creatures, as well as humans. And the rate we produce rubber is crazy, so this thrownaway tire is like a signature of human carelessness... The title might make you look at the sky, at first, but the cuase of our future, natural disasters is lying right infront of us. And who wants to take the time to clean the mess of others?

At least, thats what I see.

If it is you who have burned the left side of this image, I advice you to undo it. Its a little too black... Or perhaps not black enough, if you could let it spread a bit I think it would help the impression of the sky.
Storm is coming....III
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Im astounded!
I don't go all the way to five, since there is something missing that I cannot put my finger on, and I guess it's just the feeling I get when I find something inspiring and want to make it my way.

A fantastic angle to behold fantastic architecure!
The people in the picture bother me, a little, but at the same time I believe that they serve a purpose... as a means to realize how far away the cieling is, how overwhelmingly small a person must feel under that roof.

I hope you have more pictures of this building, and that you keep finding intriguing angles and manage to keep everything so sharp.

Cutting edge!
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