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A Rich And Mortified World

Most who are familiar with Black Mirror have heard of “USS Callister”, a Star Trek-themed episode of that series.

One of the main characters in the story, Robert Daly, is styled after James Kirk.

After viewing “USS Callister”, I found myself wondering what things would be like if the episode was written as a tribute to a different work of fiction.

For this crossover art, I decided to go with Rick And Morty as that show looked like a good match to Daly’s character, even if there are many other acceptable candidates.

This video also served as an inspiration. 

The theoretical episode is called “41-LY”, after the “main” dimension found in A Rich And Mortified World.

These are the roles I imagine for the characters. The color schemes in "41-LY" are based loosely on their clothes in "USS Callister".
Nanette Cole -Bonnie Sinclair
Robert Daly - Rick Sanchez
James Walton - Morty Smith
Elena Tulaska - Beth Sanchez-Smith
Shania Lowry - Summer Smith (later on turns into a random Gromflomite-esque creature)
Helmsman “Nate” Packer - Jerry Smith
Kabir Dudani - Mr. Meeseeks
Karl Valdack - Galactic Federation President
Gillian - Jessica (turns into a random Gromflomite-esque creature some time before Cole comes in; color scheme is based on Jessica’s clothing)
Tommy - Snuffles/Snowball

Plot Description:
Each and every adventure is about Daly dragging Walton to a new dimension for various reasons, usually with the same goals and results one would expect to see in “Rick And Morty”. He frequently does battle with Valdack and Gillian, as well as various other aliens (who may or may not work for the “Federation”). Sometimes, the adventures will have a mundane objective in mind, such as obtaining a favorite drink or sauce. Both Tulaska and Lowry constantly show admiration for Daly at the end of each adventure, while Walton is repeatedly traumatized. Lowry starts joining Daly on his adventures after a while, but Daly finds Walton a lot easier to exploit compared to Lowry. This is why Lowry is frequently subjected to verbal abuse (and sometimes exclusion) from Daly. Packer and Tulaska usually stay out of the action, but they are not completely excluded. Every now and then, Daly hurls verbal abuse at Packer, calling him much worse terms than just “pathetic”. As for Tulaska, Daly just calls her “sweetie”. Cole is a newcomer who bonds with Lowry and, with the latter’s help, understands how things work under Daly’s leadership.

1. If you have already seen “USS Callister”, you probably can figure out the truth behind all of the characters’ roles.
2. I was attempting to avoid spoilers in the description, so no bashing allowed.
3. I chose Bonnie Sinclair over Diane because her characterization in the unofficial comics is closer to Cole’s personality than Diane’s characterization is. I still imagine Cole standing up to Daly.
4. Tommy does not try to enslave humans; I chose this match because Snuffles/Snowball had a very strong bond with Morty, if you have seen “Lawnmower Dog”. Morty Jr. from "Raising Gazorpazorp", on the other hand, grows to hate Morty. Daly still does a certain thing to Tommy in order to keep Walton in line, though.
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