Here is a site I have found that uses artwork illegally, when I approached them about the use of this piece I was commissioned by Paizo to do, they were dismissive and unrepentant about their actions. I would recommend to have a look through their site and see if they are using any of your work illegally.

It appears I may have been too strong in the use of the words, steals here, but I will stand by the statement that the above site uses artwork with out proper copyright permission, and whether it is to sell the work or use it for advertising this is an infringement of copyright law.

I will not retract my statements about the products the art work is being used to sell, but i will say they are my my person opinion and not the thoughts or opinions of any one else, especially Paizo publishing. I am in no way speaking for anyone else when I say I don't like my imagery associated with I believe to be a fake product.

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By BenWootten
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I came across  quite a bit of stolen art here:…
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You're not joking, that is shocking, makes me angry.
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Indeed. I sent some emails off to a couple of artists about the site.
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Found this on there, uhuh...

"Please note that we do not own the copyright to some of the pictures used in our listings but we get them off of websites that allow fair use and free fantasy backgrounds"
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Good thing Paizo and Wizards have Damn good lawyers.

Unfortunate people are often ignorant of copyright and trademark laws. :/
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Did you manage to file a copyright claim on godaddy?
Some of my artworks were also stolen and put on this bizarre site. I am not even sure exactly what they are selling.
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Hi there, the image that they used was one I did for Paizo Publishing. So I can't go after the copyright myself it will be up to them.

I can't work out what they are selling either, it seems to be a online service for guardian spirits and the like, I object strongly to my arkwork and therefore name been associated with this kind of product. But I think my hands are tied unless Paizo actually does some thing about it.
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Ah, I see. I've tried submitting the copyright form to godaddy, will see if they do anything about it. It does look like every image on that site was stolen from somewhere.

Yeah, the products feel a bit scammy, honestly.
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Apparently Paizo has managed to get her to take down the image I contacted her about.
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Yup, mine was taken down too. :) 
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The contact I had with her over email was pretty crazy. I think she is a bit out of touch with the real world and no real desire to get back in touch:)

Glad you got your work taken down too.
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I don't mind Wiccan and magic stuff, but this site crosses the line. 
At least they're efficient at taking down reported images. :)
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Godaddy is an American company and subject to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which means the rights-holder can issue a DMCA notice and Godaddy needs to take it down unless the site owner can show ownership.
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Cheers for the info here Tek, as I was just saying to Sandara, the rights are owned by Paizo Publishing, I have informed them and hopefully they will follow it up.

Hood to know how it works if it happens with work I still have the rights too.
NuclearPoweredPony's avatar…; is probably a better bet than trying to contact the people who are actually doing the infringing
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I'm amazed that there must be people out there stupid enough to by crappy costume jewelry for crazy high prices just because there's a little fiction attached to the item.. and you don't even get to pick out the actual crap jewelry!

They charge stupid high prices for a trinket and a story... this is really disgusting aside from all the stolen artwork.
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it seems they're powered by godaddy, maybe write them an email and see what happens?
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This is just disgusting.... how dare they...
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There has to be a way to put a stop to them.
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Sorry to say but can not do shit about it because it is all about money
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Really!?!?!? Can I have the names of some that were used (I just want to be 100% sure. That's so crazy. Maybe if a lot of people contact them, we can get it to stop; like by using specific examples)
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One of the artists whose work is on the site is Ruth Thompson. I have tried contacting her but haven't had any luck yet.
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Ruth is hit or miss online. I usually see her at Phoenix comiccon, I might mention it to her then.
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wow I recognize allot that belong to some of my idols
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