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Warforged Juggernaut

This big guy is for the 4e Eberron Players book being previewed on the Wotc site as of this week.

Tougher than he looks.
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I just wanted to say that this is by far my favorite Warforged art of all time. It's rare to find a piece that reflects the idea that "Warforged share a common facial design", while breathing life into an otherwise dull and dusty concept. It takes the Warforged from "meh, I could take it" to "Nope. Nope nope nope nope...". Any art that makes me change my character's weapon in game just to stay true to a concept is amazing in my book.

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Best Warforged Juggernaut picture I've ever seen!
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Huge thanks, this is one I would love to revisit
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THE Art that shouts: "Something's about to get wrecked right now, and IT ISN'T GOING TO BE ME!!"
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two words...

Fucking scary!
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Unless he is on your side....but maybe even then, I think you might be right
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lol i hear that!

i dont understand why so many people think warforged are a mediocre race to play.

they are a golden oppertunity for role players...and a warforged thats a Fighter,artificer or alchemist makes for a powerfull combo.
This looks much better than the original juggernaut artwork.
I've loved this picture from first sight, years ago now! The armour or, I suppose, body design is awesome - all the intricate layering and styling, I like it all!

...well, except the posing of the morning star. That's... it looks a bit off to me. But everything else kicks serious ass.
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Damn this is great. Love the work, such raw power and destruction.
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Man, I remember in 3.5e that there's a class called the Warforged Juggernaut, and it basically lives up to it's name.
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He certainly is both of those things, esp the second:)
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The epitome of toughness.
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Oh the 4th edition Juggernaut picture.   I love this race.   I always played Warforged when a DM would allow it.
"Outa my way, flesh-bags!" Own the book this pic is in, and I love both!
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He a beast alright:)
is it just me or does it look like a Halo hunter?
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I took the pose off a Halo Hunter I did when I was back in the film industry, the pose suited this guy so well. Good spotting
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And he looks pretty tough.  ;}
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