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Strike Fighter WIP

This a Spacecraft design I am playing with, a nod to Homeworld and just a bit of fun really. I am not sure how much more I will do to it, finish the service vehicle and add some ground crew, done.
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I think it'd look better if you stripped away the big wings on top it's back and put some form of weapon and/or detachable on the little wings on the sides. Would give it some purpose, as the only thing I could see wings being useful for in space is being pylons to attach guns and fuel pods onto. But hey, that's just my opinion! Good stuff otherwise!
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Cheers dude. Thanks for taking to the time to give this piece some thought, I appreciate that:)
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Very very Nice!, "Wicked" as they say
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Torpedo Corvette!! LOVE IT!
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Not quite a corvette, more of a fighter/bomber, only a crew of two and very little range or life support. Thanks!!!!
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Ah ok, I was trying to decide between bomber or corvette but decided to roll the dice and say corvette ;)
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The dice were wrong, get new dice;)
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tough, rugged, dangerous sitting in the hanger. a winning look no doubt.
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Cheers, this was the first non commissioned work I have done for ages, not even sure why I did it. But I do like making these practical if I can, wheels, so much more useful than skids that most folks put on space fighters.
loving the cockpit/missile launcher section
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Nice drawing. One remark about construction of fighter - strange thing, air intakes are placed behind missile racks. Anyway, looks cool =)
That missile loading machine looks cool. Did you come up with it yourself or is based off of existing machines?
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Nice one...
It shows just how BIG those 'small' fighters are in comparison to a human.
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It looks like a flying brick. That's cool :D
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That's gotta be a taiidan
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Yeah, I was definately influenced by that design ethos
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I'm HUGE into realistic spacecraft, and those this doesn't look 100% realistic, it's an extreamly interesting design and I'd love to see what more will come of it! Also, the art is outstading!
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I really appreciate your comments, ido try to keep stuff grounded in reality where possible. This is probably as far as the design and it's use will go, really just a doodle of sorts:)
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Outstanding work, its a believable craft i may say.

Well done :)
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That is so amazing!
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