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By BenWootten
This is a cover image for an as of yet not announced series of books Goodman Games plan to begin releasing later this year. Joseph Goodman was kind enough to let me get the images up on my page now, so a huge thanks to him.
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Cool markings.................
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OMG a D&D Dragonborn
For once someone who knows how to make magnificent art of the traditional race
Not that Skyrim Pretender Dragonborn :p
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Is it ok if I like both?
Also it's kinda cool to see a good reptilian race...a Paladin, no less! Not the cannibalistic, demonic, pedophile, Nazi, Inter-Dimensional A-holes earth seems to blessed with getting hit with in all the mythologies and conspiracy theories. What are the dragonborne like? I think I need to look it up.
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Hey my last comment was one from someone unlearned of Skyrim
Since then I have come to love the Dragonborn in Skyrim (but I still hold true that Skyrim has pretender aspects since Dragonborn is a term that fits any race, while a D&D Dragonborn is essentially a race in itself)
Dragonborn (no "e") are essentially righteous warriors who battle against metallic dragons and there minions (essentially the Dragonborn are the servants of a good Dragon god vs the 'Dragonspawn' the minions of an evil dragon goddess)
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the halo really makes this image look awesome. Once again, great detail on the armor as well.
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Paladin is a kind of turtle thingy too so is he a Paladin paladin?
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HA!! that is really cool, I didn't know that, that is funny on levels
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Yeah - I think it's a dragonborn-paladin?^^
He still looks cool.
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Oh man...what an AWESOME creature. Whatever this guy is in, I will buy it!
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Huge thanks, he is indeed a Dragonborn Paladin
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wow, just wow amazing
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Cute face!!!!!!!!
I love it!!!!!!!
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This is exceptional! It gives me plenty of ideas for my own story, which I really need to get back working on :|

Still, well done!
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excellent detail
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