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Night Walker

Night Walker, for D&D 5th Ed, thanks to Kate Irwin for the great brief and art direction.

Copyright Wizards of the Coast.
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These things are friggin' terrifying. In one game we got essentially chased by one of things through the Shadowfell. Really scary.

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Never thought I'd find the artist behind one of my favorite creatures while perusing deviantArt, this is a pleasant surprise! I've been planning to spring one of these fellas on my players since the day I saw it in the book, just have to wait for them to reach a sufficient level.

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I always feel sorry for the guard in this.

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OH SHIT THIS ONE WAS YOURS...   i knew i liked it for somereason
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That should be fun to take on.
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that guy really likes their vape!
sweet textures and design Ben!
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Looks really cool! Love the difference in size, the creature design and the holes in the creatures body which makes it look more undeadish. Maybe some of the smoke could've been darker closer to the body to increase the illusion of smoke coming from the beast, but that's just an idea. Great job!
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Aye, it is bigger than I thought they were:)
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The scale reference makes it that much better. 
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It does, they are pretty big.
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Has a nice spooky effect to it 
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That's fuckin' rad. I always liked the 3rd edition art for that guy, but this is a really cool take on the creature. I wish I could see a full illustration of this thing standing above a forest. It probably is that tall.
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Cheers dude, really good fun getting to have a go at some of these classic beasties.
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Excellent : very evocative and impressive !
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Thanks, was a fun one.
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