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By BenWootten
I'll just grab that loot and be on my way.....or will I?

Interior art for Dungeon Denizens Revisited, Paizo Publishing
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© 2009 - 2021 BenWootten
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i love this style
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Nice! :D I like the tentacle-y base!
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Amazing! So cool! <3
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aye, that it be
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don't starve together XD
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In Megaman Legends, there was an enemy that's like a Robot version of one of these.
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Sounds dangerous
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They most certainly were dangerous enemies in Megaman Legends 2.
Hello - I am creating a custom set of Magic: The Gathering cards for some friends, that I would eventually like to make available online. I have used this art on a card. Can you please let me know if I should credit it differently than "Ben Wootten", or if you would prefer I not use it?

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Hi there, sorry for the slow response. I don't have a problem with you using this art work, but there are 2 conditions for its use, firstly it must be strictly non-profit and secondly you must credit both myself and piazo publishing.

I am stoked you like the art and want to use it:) 
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Welcome to Dark Souls, you'll be hitting every chest you see after you get your face numed off by a mimic.
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Certainly keeps you on your toes.
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wow such a cool creature!
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My favorite dungeon mob! Love it!
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