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Jumanji Mr Ed

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This was a near final design for the flying horse in the latest Jumanji Movie, it planned earlier that the marking on the horse would hint to the fact that it had wings, subtle but there. Then the final design went to the black horse in the film. There were many other potential designs for the wings themselves before the batlike wings were settled on, I will try and post some of them later.
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I remember when I saw this in the movie, an unexpected surprise as well :D
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I actually just watched this movie recently and i was so stoked to see batty mammalian wings on a Pegasus creature :-D
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This is a very, very interesting winged horse design. I like it.
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Definitely some spoilers up in here, but this may encourage me to see the movie sooner at least because I want to see all of the interesting creature designs that made it into the film.

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It is pretty good,

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Now I have to see this movie if only for flying horse
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Spoiler alert....too late
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