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Imperial visit. WIP

Personal piece of SW fan art.

Imperial shuttle drops in on a huge Jawa sand crawler. Are they here for second hand parts? Seems unlikely.

Have replaced with an updated version:)
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wonderful imaginative work. the slowest hunk of junk in the galaxy...?

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I love the fact that on the other side in the shadow is hiding a very Milenium Falcon looking ship ;) :D Also the bantha caravan acompanying the Sandcrawler is a wonderfull touch ;) Beautiful piece :)
And I personaly think that it is just Darth Vader landing to check out a tip about the whereabouts of the rebels, he is a very hands on guy :D
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Wow, I just found this piece today. Amazing work, this is instantly one of my favorite pieces of Star Wars concept art. Great job Ben!!! 😃👍

Are the Tusken Raiders there to trade with the Jawas? Or perhaps tensions run high between the two species? Are the Imperials landing for an unscheduled inspection? Looking for some stolen droids perhaps? Is that the Millennium Falcon itself or just another YT-1300? Perhaps this scene takes place at the same time the empire is scouring Tatooine for C-3PO and R2-D2? These elements all suggest a deeper story going on, which just contributes all the more to the richness of this piece.
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wow!! impressive work. :clap:
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This is ruggedly beautiful....Stormtrooper Shooting Icon 
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Very cool! Reminds me of Mortal Engines.
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Yeah! Same here
A very beautiful work! Can I use this illustration in my fanpage "NailadiMondo9" in Instagram with your link?
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Thank's! 😍
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That's really impressive !
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Holy shite there must be millions of Jawas in that thing
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Darth Vader dropped his shoe and they hired Jawas to comb the desert for it.
They ain't found shit.
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need a bigger comb
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Imperial Visit? Did no one else notice the Falcon sitting on the landing pad?
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COooooL .. . indeed a mighty crawler was needed this time.
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Mint Woots! love all the textures on that giant rust bucket and the scale of it!
Hell yeah some personal art!!
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this would have been just as interesting with out the blunt star-wars point to it.
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