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This tough lady was drawn for the new' Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms' book recently released by Wizards of the Coast.

Thanks to Kate Irwin for her great art direction.
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She came up on google and it took a little while but I managed to find your deviantart.  I just wanted to say, she is absolutely beautiful. Well done. :heart:
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She is one of my fav character designs, I love trying to make the designs look as grounded and functional, this is especially true of female characters.
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Hah! Love the crossbow. Awesome image, all around.
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Interesting the version of her in my copy of "Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms" she is a blonde.  I have to say I like this look better.  Always was a sucker for Red Heads and Brunettes :blush:
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Yeah, the blond was a revision for print, but I too prefer the darker hair. Good spotting:)
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Thank you.  I had thought that maybe someone had copied your work for the book, but since it a revision that explains it.
Have I mentioned in the last five minutes how much I love your awareness that cloth, leather, fur, hair, and other materials don't just have textures; they have weight and mass and thickness and react differently to pressure and gravity?

I mean, there are plenty of fantasy artists who at least know that chain mail isn't just a flat patterned shimmer over bare skin, but...!

Always your fan,

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I really appreciate your great feedback here, was fun trying to get credible cold weather gear on this lady, your comments are great reinforcement to keep doing this kind of grounded fantasy:)
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This is one fierce warrior!  I admire your execution. 

Were I thirty years younger?  This would be a must have cosplay for me!
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Cheers!! It was fun to get a real cold weather outfit on a character:)
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Very cool furs, nicely done!
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Darned awesome work! I love the density of detail not just in design and color, but in the trinkets and equipment. A wonderful blend of artistic and utility that I can't help but love! :)
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I really wanted her to look capable, and well provisioned for the environment, was fun to do. Cheers !!!
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You indeed succeeded sir! I find those little things on the side really add a layer of depth to a picture, bringing it to life in yet another way. Fearsome and functional. Gotta love it! :)
Ben, this is THE best female artwork on the internet!  Beautiful capturing of a whole story from one picture; you can infer her whole life story from one image, a master piece of artistry and storytelling.  Brilliant!  PS  I see she is also in your piece 'The Kraken'; have you any other paintings with Gwenn in them?
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Good spotting on seeing her in that other piece:) I don't have anymore drawings of her. She was a lot of fun to paint and I did really want her to look real and not fantasy based as much as possible, she does look pretty capable and dangerous:)
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Great work! It's amazing that you have made the clothes actually seem warming in an otherwise cold climate.
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Huge thanks, it is great that comes across, I really wanted her to break the fur bikini stereotype we see so often.
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I like her, she looks very capable and dnagerous:)
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I have to second the comments about the detailed and believably practical clothing - just great! It's always nice to see visual designs like this in fantasy settings, especially when it comes to female characters. Keep up the good work! :)
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Thanks dude, I do like to keep the females as well dressed and armoured as the males, adds a nice weight and reality to the settings I think.
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