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Gnoll Family photo

Here is a montage of some gnolls I did for Paizo recently, this motley crew can be found ravaging adventurers in a Pathfinder game near you.

Copyright Paizo Publishing 2014
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Finally some beefy Gnolls, not some scrappy wimps!

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Still my favorite D&D race. Love playing as these guys.
I pretty much hate them, they have to be the absolute laziest designed "villains" in d&d. And they're crap compared to, say, a goblin or an orc. Name anything at all, and it would inevitably be better than a gnoll according to the people who make the games and manuals. They're cannon fodder, but without any hope of being anything more than that, since their lore is garbage and completely un-hyena like.
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SAME HERE!!! I have a Gnoll fighter in D&D! She’s pretty badass, and not evil. I don’t get why they ALL have to be evil
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Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing if they add them in Unearthed Arcana or maybe an Eberron sourcebook. They were usually Chaotic Neutral mercenaries in that setting.
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Very cool and a nice variety!
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Cool with the overview of the different kins of gnolls.  
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the one in the black cloak there's a lot of Gul'dan about him
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I am not familiar with the ref.
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Ahh, I see.

I was thinking more old witch from MacBeth:)
say mayhem everyone *click*
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Gongs are very interesting!
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Found this pic right after making a Gnoll Samurai. Honestly, really like the pic.
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