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Glutton Rsing

Interior illustration for Paizo Publishing, Dragon magazine.
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This is beautiful work!
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cheers:) Old one now.
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gamera vs this thing who would win
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Gamera, is where my money is:)
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It is a dragon turtle I believe:)
TheMorlock's avatar
Is it a giant turtle?
Mistikfantasy's avatar
tortoise island?! Nice.
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this is so beautiful
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I loved your Savage Tide work. It is really hard to find it you not have rights to it or something?
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Hi, huge thanks on the Savage Tides work. I do have some rights to the work, for portfolio purposes and the like. There is some here on DA but as the work is quite old now I haven't put much of it up here in favor of more recent work.
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The water pouring out of it's mouth and streaming off it's shell are a nice touch! It has a good sense of movement and urgency without relying on a tilted composition or dramatic color scheme.
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This was great piece to tackle, I really wanted that classic greek legend feel to this piece, not just a creature surfacing but an island...real Sinbad/Jason sort of stuff.
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Is this a painting?
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yes indeed, done if Photoshop 7.
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Amazing work, i feel i could dive into the water.
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Cheers dude, I love painting water, and sometimes it works:)
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You sure got it right this time.
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looks really cool :) full of life and action.
Great work!
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I love water, foamy sea water is the best.
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