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Fearsome Drake

By BenWootten
This is card art for a recent Legends of Norath set, I am not sure which one though, I only know it as Set 11.
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© 2011 - 2021 BenWootten
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...interesting vantage.
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Hi Ben!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured this and some of your other work in a post about EverQuest on my dragon artwork blog Writing Dragons (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I hadn't figured out my notification protocol back when I first shared your art, sorry for the late comment!  But I love your work, and my site is all about promoting artists, so I hope you'll stop by.  You can find me at Writing Dragons, and this feature here.  Keep up the amazing work!
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This would be really cool as a ceiling painting. ;)
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That would be fun, now I just need to convince someone to pay me to do it.
wolfanita's avatar
Hehe, I know that problem. ;)
SteamPoweredWerehog's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. Really puts you in the action.
BenWootten's avatar
Cheers, but the waste of beer does sadden me.
SteamPoweredWerehog's avatar
There are always some casualties.
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"That dragon is DEAD!!!" 

--- Innkeeper, after his business was destroyed by a fearsome drake.
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yeah ^^
smash it Dragon.
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Very nice Ben, love the motion, action and flow in this shot!
BenWootten's avatar
Cheers, it was a fun to work out:)
ZPupG1rl19's avatar
This is incredible. The angle, depth and detail all ad to the sense of the piece. Skillfully done.

But I have a question...
Can someone please explain to me the difference between a dragon and a drake?

I've heard some people use the terms interchangeably and others devoutly separate them, yet no1 seems to be able to word the difference in comprehendible terms...
Hopefully I am not imposing by assuming that someone here may explain this to me, since you use both terms for your work.
BenWootten's avatar
Thanks for the great comments:)

I am not sure of the distinction between Dragon and Drakes, except I think drakes are lesser in general, not as big or smart, and often seem to lack forelimbs or wongs. But it does vary from setting to setting and I think in historical literature the distinction is even more subjective.
ZPupG1rl19's avatar
Thank you ^^
And thank you for trying to help me understand the difference between drakes and dragons (though i'm still confused).
BenWootten's avatar
I don't think there is really any hard and fast distinction, draw the line where you think it works:)
ZPupG1rl19's avatar
...that's kind of tough to do, but thanks anyways. ^^'''
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All the damage and Debris! This must've taken so much effort, time, and work!

Not to mention all the detail on the Drake and background! It's so inspiring!
I've got so much to learn in art, and this really makes me just get lost in awe.
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