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Duergar Abduction

By BenWootten
" What do you think Dave?....Dave....Dave, strange he was here a moment ago"

Interior illustration for Pathfinder, Paizo Publishing.
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© 2008 - 2021 BenWootten
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Greetings Ben, I'm dropping in with a quick questions concerning copyrights. I'm currently working on a (fan) D&D Campaign and would like to use this picture as illustration. Would it be allowed to use this picture when I only share the PDF for free? A contribution would be included naturally. Also, if I ever wanted to sell prints of the Campaign, how would I have to approach that matter? Thanks for a possible answer!
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Evil Dwarves... Evil Dwarve Race is Everywhere and Nowehere ! :O
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I do like these nasty little guys.
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Well... See '' Evil Dwarves '' is a really good change on menu; After all; Evil only extends the Orcs and Goblins :D
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My all time favourite Duergar artwork, now found on Deviantart! I am a dummy! 
This piece alone is landing you me on your watch list, for sure.

But that's not to say your other works here aren't just as good.
Really, it's like entering an old candy store; you just want them all. I think I've fainted. 
Lol, we had the same situation in our RPG group, only it was orcs abducting our healer :)
'What Teig saying about this?'
'Teig says nothing.'
half an hour later.
'Ow this hurts. Teig, can you take a look at this?'
'Teig isn't here.'

And this is a great picture. Love the details on the duegar armor. Keep up the good work.
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Huge thanks, glad you like it and it promotes good memories:)
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Heh, I remember when I was a kid and went out with my mother and my three brothers. I spent the time counting us. Just in case.
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Can never be too careful:)
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And THAT is why duergar are kill on sight
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Damn straight! If you seen them first that is.
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That is why our party took on a half-drow, half-devil tiefling ranger (our new player's character)!
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Your work is brilliant! I was hunting for a good pic of Duergar and finally after half a days searching i found this! Duergar's never really interested me more than a random encounter until i made and NPC one for my campaigne! Love this pic....
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I like the duergar, i think they have the potential to be great adversaries, snaky mean and pretty rough.
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\o/ Duegar!!! The best
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Yeah I love those guys, they make grim and nasty look cool.
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yes.. duegar is the best.... together with snifnieblins ^^
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Evil dwarves? Awesome! Even better than the good ones :P
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Yeah, sneaky and strong.
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fighting a Duegar underground is like fighting a harby in mid air. good luck heroes.

E-everthing looks great but if i had to choose i will be the most looking at the background.
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