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September 28, 2019
Dragon's Fury by BenWootten
Featured by RezaBisuto
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Dragon's Fury

This is my take on the classic Dragon roasts knight and soldiers stupid enough to venture into it's domain.

I was approached by Rob Eisenberg, who has launched the website RPG With Me, [link] , to come up with a cool classic fantasy image to be the banner for his website. The site has gone live, check it out.

Hi there, I just wanted to let folks know that I have limited edition prints of the Dragon's Fury, and Quiet time for sale. The print run is limited to 50. The print quality is great, rich colour reproduction in archival inks and acid free high quality matte photo rag.

There are two sizes of the Dragon piece:

50 x 13 cm ( 19.7 x 5 inches) for $50 + postage
90 x 23 cm ( 35.4 x 9 inches) for $120 + postage
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Dragon Blast

Breakfast was had at the circular table Talk be of dragons but this was no fable Buxom young servants lay meat eggs and bread Mention of dragons had filled them with dread

Enter the king the room now only knights ‘This won’t be one of your typical fights’ There’s tell of our kingdom lands gone up in flames It may be a dragon out playing his games

I’m sending the very best men that I have Sharpen your swords and bring barrels of salve Bring me the dragon’s head dead and gone cold Each will be paid a king’s ransom in gold

‘Open the drawbridge’ came shouting the order One of the knights gave a last kiss to daughter ‘Back before dinner’ he boasted in hubris Master at arms in the lead said ‘let’s do this!’

Offward they galloped in heaviest armor Some thinking back to when things were much calmer No talk of dragons or other concerning Now in the distance they saw smoke and burning

‘Hold!’ said the scout pointing up to the sky ‘There be a dragon!’ the knights gave a cry Blazing with fury and faster than lightning No one had ever seen something so frightening

‘Dismount the horses’ yelled master at arms Broadswords were raised, stallions brayed the alarm Shields brought the crest of the kingdom to bare Dragon alighted and spat fire there

Shield sword and armor now too hot to hold Thoughts turned to living, not glory or gold Back at the castle keep young maidens yearned But none of their men-at-arms ever returned

Joseph John Joey Racano

Another installment of the ‘Poetry of Dragons’ collection

Art: Ben Wootten 'Dragon's Fury' at Deviant Art


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Those silly "ka-nighits" (to borrow a term from Monty Python and the Holy Grail) are under-equipped for this task. They need pole arms, javelins, and maybe a ballista.
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Awesome artwork *_*
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Fierce and so dynamic! Fabulous scene - awesome work.
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Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)!

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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I wish my art was this good

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Congratulations on your Daily Deviation!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconlainloveplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
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Awesome piece, congrats on the DD.
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Congratulations on the DD! Clap
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This is so cool 😊
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I just realised how fortunate we are as illustrators that so many of the aspiring dragonslayers that populate fantasy are frank idiots, thus providing us with an endless supply of source material for scenes of fiery doom.

Raise the temperature!
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Beautifully frightening!
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love this so much!
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GORGEOUS Piece! Really well done! :D
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Cheers! One of my faves
Hello! I've made an animation with your picture.
Link here:
Thanks for your permission!
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