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Crossfire, we will be lucky to get out of this.


This piece was done while working at Weta Digital, it was done as promotional piece for the Art Department Portfolio. Fun to get an open brief and the time to finish a piece to a more finished level than working to a tighter deadline on a project.

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Looks amazing... But I don't think that a walking Tank is such a good Idea. There are so many flaws to it. It is high so a big target from the front. It can't lie down like a human to take cover and it can be toppled over and perhaps it can't stand up on it's own... But at least it looks cool!

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We'll take looks cool:)

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That looks bloody amazing! Very nice job making it all look realistic!

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Was fun to get the photo textures in the ground the scene.


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Remind me of an obscure game called iron brigade

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I know that game

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Makes me think GDI from C&C. Fantastic piece!

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The realistic soldiers with the mech legged tank combo is incredible.

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I love the idea that a squad rides on the back of the mech, like the tank riders in WW2

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Wonder what the legs would have to be made out of to hold up not only all that metal on top of it, but the soldiers piling on too. XD

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