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Charm Monster

Here is a piece I did for Paizo Publishing a little while back.

A diminutive Gnome pacifies the huge beast. "Judge me by my size do you?"
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He ded.
Owlbear don't care.
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I thought it was a HUGE owlbear
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no its just a very little wizard:)
I love how you managed to capture that inquisitive look owls give things that pique their interest.  And for for some reason, this is the first pic of an owlbear that's made me wonder if they can do that freaky head-turning thing "normal" owls do.  (That should have occurred to me decades ago...)
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I found you through this image being shared on Pinterest, and it came up in my Google search :) Nice work!
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Cheers, I really like the way this piece came out, lovely brief to work on.
More Balazar! :)
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Ferocious and fear-inspiring... ^^ Wouldn't wanna cross this thing in the woods!
BenWootten's avatar
not unprepared, that is for sure.
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This is really cool! Your bear-owl concept is awesome :D
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Huge thanks, it was great to have a chance to design these classic old beasties:)
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An owl bear?  Killed plenty of those in Dragon's Crown. 
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I love these guys
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Impressive creature,so huge but I didn't get the impression he was mean,just seemed curious
BenWootten's avatar
Hence the title of the piece, with out the nifty spell of the same name things would look very different:)
The world needs more OwlBear pictures
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More Owlbear! haha that's awesome, and so much better than cowbell :) 
Owlbears are crazy cool and weird at the same time, I mean do they lay eggs like an owl or give birth like a bear you just don't know.
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well obviously, the same as Gryphons.... :) 
....... And how do gryphons give birth
kofaile's avatar
well obviously very carefully ;) 
......... Good enough for me. :)
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