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Centaur Cavalier

By BenWootten
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Centaurs in full plate, carrying lances and two-handed swords, better heavy cavalry you will be hard pressed to find.

This is a piece for the up coming release by Paizo Publishing, Advanced Race Guide for the Pathfinder setting. Thanks to Sarah for her great ADing, this was a great project to work on.
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Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
Jousting must be a breeze for them.
LOVE that helmet and armor. grate job on the shine to Heart +fav 
Bourru's avatar
This is very impressive. Nicely done!
BenWootten's avatar
Cheers, I had good ref. Was a fun piece to do.
pookiesaurus4's avatar
He doesn't need a horse, he's his own horse!
BenWootten's avatar
Makes him pretty damn dangerous
Don't bother getting in a jousting match with one. :(
JiraiyaRagnarogk's avatar
He is goinf to break his spine in the first charge.
BenWootten's avatar
Unless he releases the lance as it hits, that is how you use a lance.
JetPowerFIE's avatar
That's just flat out epic.

Also, it looks like those pictures you'd find in the big super detailed medieval knights books.
BenWootten's avatar
Cheers, I really wanted to make this feel as grounded and real as possible:)
rainchickk's avatar
well,he is certainly geared up for battle!!
BenWootten's avatar
Yep, that he is
Cool concept!B-) (Cool) 
Chaosl337's avatar
Unlike a human horseman/knight he can't fall off his horse! Haha!
BenWootten's avatar
GreatToaNui's avatar
Then again, he can't replace a damaged horse either. 

I guess in this world they painstakingly figured out how to fix horses( Or rather centaur's) knees out of necessity. 
Joe-jostar-mega's avatar
For Narnia!!!
one my favorite line everLink and Epona Emote 
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