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Bronze Dragon

This is an interior illustration for the Pathfinder Chronicles: Dragons Revisited (OGL), Paizo Publishing, LLC.

Great opportunity to have a bash at re-imagining the core Dragons for the Paizo setting. I feel a great honor to have drawn creature that have been part of my mythology for 28 years now. Glee!!
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Very nice work!
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Bronze are my favorite!
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They are up there for me too!
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This dragon is badass!
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Oh, that Dragon!
Oh, that water.

How on earth do you paint water like that?
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Lots of looking and lots of practice
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I love all of your dragons, but the Bronze has always been my favorite of the Metallics or Chromatics.  Beautifully rendered, lovely choices of color, dynamic's all there!
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Many thanks, much appreciated:)
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Are these the same as in A Practical Guide to Dragons?
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I think they might be, is that the Pathfinder supplement?
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The colors and names seem the same.

That series was discontinued because of financial problems :C  But I think they have another spin-off series or something.



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Wow! That's absolutely fantastic :)
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These are some fantastic illustrations of dragons
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Huge thanks, love drawing dragons. I am working on some more as we speak:)
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I love all the little details - the scales and textures in the wings, and the fin-like tail. Reminds me of a lion fish in a way... :love:
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