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Black Dragon

This is an interior illustration for the Pathfinder Chronicles: Dragons Revisited (OGL), Paizo Publishing, LLC.

Great opportunity to have a bash at reimagining the core Dragons for the Paizo setting. I feel a great honor to have drawn creature that have been part of my mythology for 28 years now. Glee!!
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Hi Ben!  I just wanted to let you know that I featured this piece in a post about Pathfinder on my dragon artwork blog Writing Dragons (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I hadn't figured out my notification protocol back when I first shared your art, sorry for the late comment!  But I love your work, and my site is all about promoting artists, so I hope you'll stop by.  You can find me at Writing Dragons, and this feature here.  Keep up the amazing work!
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Beautiful! This made me want to draw dragons again :thumbsup:
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Love drawing dragons
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I love this dragon, excellent work. Everything from the fringe to the scaling is just perfect.

I have a strange question but I'd like to try to make a Halloween costume to look like this for my Malinois. Would you be willing to give permission for such use of your design? If not I totally understand.
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I would be very happy for you to make a costume based on this dragon. On two conditions: Firstly that the use of the costume is for non-profit ( I know it is, I just have to say that:)) and secondly, please send me a photo of the costume. I would love to see what you make:)

Cheers Ben
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Thank you very much! It would definitely be for our own private use and if I can get it finished in time, I'll definitely post photos!
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I can use that as inspiration.
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sure, stoked it inspires you:)
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what a pretty  fellow^^
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hey so someone is using your drawing without crediting you!…
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Thanks for the heads up, I will look into that.
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I love this dragon but i would like to use it for a gift to my sister, may I use this and if so may i modify it to match the theme of the picture?
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As long as it is for private use I am happy for you to use it. Happy birthday to your sister:)
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thank you very much, do you happen to have this one with a transparent canvas?
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No I don't have one with a transparent BG, it should clear cut pretty easily.
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alright, i can try to use the cut tool or use the white as a "green screen" to import it into the image
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Are you using Photoshop? The wand tool will help a lot if yo undo.
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Im going to use photoshop to cut away the image then give it a transparent canvas to use in adobe illustrator
I Love this Dragon, doing personalized plates on my car, I would love to see if I could use this dragon and have it wrapped on my vehicle Drivers side, completely for my own pleasure as well as others just seeing it. If it will fit can I use it?
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For sure!! I would be honoured!! But please send me a photo if you do get it done:)
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