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Aslan Power Armour

This a an detail out of the Aslan Race Guide for Mongoose Publishing's Traveller RPG.
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My favorite version of the Aslan.
DukkaDukkaDukka's avatar
Wow. Simply amazing.
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I can't believe I didn't see this before... very choice!
BenWootten's avatar
Holy shit, the level of detail and badassery in this pic is just to damn high.

All the Interwebz to you for making the Aslan even more likable
BenWootten's avatar
Cheers, I was stoked by how tough this guy looked when he was done.
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There is much to admire in your Gallery, Ben...but, because of my affinity for the Aslan, I finally settled on this one. Wonderful piece! I enjoyed my stroll through your Gallery!
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Huge thanks, glad you enjoyed it:)
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Well deserved, my friend. Your design-sense is impressive. I did some work with Digest Group Publications on their Traveller/MegaTraveller line in the late 80's early 90's. Specifically on the Aslan. So I couldn't help but notice this sweeet creation of yours.
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Inspiring piece
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"You've heard the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." We can't take that chance. We strike at dawn."

The ambitious General Richard Johnson was never heard from again.
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Waooowww!!! I like it, it's brutal and elegant in the same time. =)
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Awesome. I am overwhelmed.
gizburg's avatar
I'm so glad to see this, man. Please do some more Traveller/Aslan stuff. I'm trying to find visuals for a game I want to run and there's hardly anything. Having a really tough time.
Bellairs's avatar
Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?
The CS Lewis "Aslan"?
BenWootten's avatar
Aslan is Turkish for Lion I think.
RobCaswell's avatar
VERY interesting, I never stopped to think what Aslan powered armor would like like before. Engaging and cool. Wonderful colors, too.
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