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Arkhosian Blademaster

By BenWootten
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Interior illiustration for the Martial Power 2, released by Wizards of the Coast. Art directed by Keven Smith who is great to work with.
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Amazing detail on the armor. Very impressive all around.
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13th Century Ghost Rider
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This has got to be my favorite of your works. That;s not to say that this is the best I've seen you do (You have some pretty mindblowing art pieces in your gallery), this one just strikes me the most on a personal level.

I love it. Please, keep up your great work.
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I do like the armour in this piece, was fun to design. Thanks for the great feedback.
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Ahh, i remember this image from the book. Looks pretty badass. Very excellent depiction of a Genasi.
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Huge thanks dude:) Was a great one to do.
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This is amazing!!
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I love the detail on his armor. He looks terrific. I'm DIFINATELY rolling up a Gensai next character.
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Crazy awesome!
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Wicked man! I love the armor design and the colors! :D
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That's a kick ass sword :)
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awesome work, nice armor!

really awesome.
congratulations man!
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The armour design looks great and the colors are just wonderfull, they even cant be better :meow:
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:wow: Impressive and majestic! :heart: The fiery hair are perfect, the tattoos are splendid :) And the armour.... :faint:
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Love the armor- I agree with Gorrem, I wish it was bigger so I could see all the wonderful detail up close!
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There it is a bit bigger :)
FreShPAiNt's avatar
awesome, thanks! And it still looks sweet. =)
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Yeah, I love the armour, looks awesome!
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Really nice! the armor details are great. i wanna see it bigger!
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There you go, all big and packed with extra pixels.
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mmmm pixels

really great, it reminds me a tad of Wayne Reynolds work (its the armour shapes i guess). Great stuff on the subtle directional lighting and armour gleam. His left (shield) arm looks a tad ankward (but thats just nitpickin' )

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This is great work.
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