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Kibe1 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014

English: Sorry for the spelling but i am French. I am not good at English.
I shall like asking for a service to you, if it does not annoy you. 
I write history Justice League but I do not to find certain image as Flash x Wonder Woman, Flash x Fire, Flash x Hawkgirl. Wonder Woman who cries on the body of dead Flash (coma) and Wonder Woman vs Zoom.
Would it be possible that you make ?
I would be you eternally recognizing and I would  advertise you ( if you want), Thank you in advance and work beautiful  !
Translated into English ( web site translated) 

French: Désolé pour l'orthographe mais je suis Français. Je ne sais pas parler Anglais.
J'aimerai te demander un service, si cela ne t'embête pas.
J'écris des histoire Justice League mais je n'arrive pas à trouver certaine image comme Flash x Wonder Woman, Flash x Fire, Flash x Hawkgirl. Wonder woman qui pleure sur le corps de Flash mort et Wonder Woman vs Zoom.
Est-ce qu'il serait possible que tu les fasses?
Je te serais éternellement reconnaissant et je te ferais de la pub si tu veux, merci d'avance et beau travail  !

AidanTheMighty Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
Awesome gallery, dude :D Genious digitals, but I love your traditional drawings. You should add these more ;)
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