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[UnderTale] Determined 8 Kiddos

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 H E A D C A N O N . S O R T A 

Some of the HCs here were changed from the original (the befriending of monsters and flowey) cause I noticed the error in timeline :'D
♡ Frisk and Chara share souls, and they can feel what the other is feeling
♡ As said before, whenever they use DT or accidentally trigger it, their eyecolor changes to the color of their soul.
♡ They are all descendants from different wizards.
♡ Chara indirectly introduced Christmas to the Underground. Toriel and Asgore made it a custom in Snowdin to make them less homesick.

♡ Patience stayed with Toriel until she decided to look for Asgore. *She doesn’t want to outgrow Toriel.
♡ Patience hates spiders. That change when she met Muffet. Gave Muffet her ribbons.
♡ Bravery was part of the ‘Junior Royal Guard’ (it’s more like a child’s play). Monsters didn’t know what a human looks like and Bravery didn’t know that he was the one to be captured.

♡ Kindness introduced hotdogs. Passed this “legacy” to their young pal, Sans, before offering their soul to Asgore.
♡ Kindness, like Frisk and Chara, is also non-binary.
♡ Perseverance are friends with **Gerson. 

♡ Justice used to ballet with Integrity on the surface. There was a severe infection on her leg and needed to be amputated.
♡ Justice and Integrity are besties (and secretly have gay crush on each other).
♡ Integrity likes to give four-leaf clovers to Justice. 

♡ Justice went to underground to look for Integrity. Integrity died because Justice’s determination overpowered Integrity’s
♡ Patience is half Korean/Vietnamese, Kindness is Irish, Perseverance came from India, Justice came from South Africa, moved to New York where Integrity is, Bravery is Chilean. Frisk is Filipino and Chara came from the Netherlands.
♡ All of them were either already lived (Integrity) or moved to NY. Specifically moved to a Lab.

 H E I G H T C H A R T . S O R T A 

Height2 Kids by benteja 

Not really a height chart but more like an overview eeey. Now that you think about it, they're my OC except for Frisk and Chara of course.

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For some reason bravery reminds me of Russell from Up.