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OK, it's a little early, but not toooo early.

Get your annual requests in!  What should I draw?
Hi folks,

Decided to do a little streaming this morning.  Come hang out!
If you're wondering why I've been so quiet on Facebook, it's because I've been blocked.

I'll be starting a private group there to handle the more risque posts from now on...

[UPDATE]: In case you're interested... this is the piece that first got reported, followed by this which caused me to be banned.
Our annual Halloween Requests Line is now open!  Operators are standing by.

Got ideas?
Painting now, for about an hour.  Working on a new gallery piece.

If you want to be notified of future streams via email, drop me a line at and I'll add you to the list.
Both and should be back up and running now.  Whew!  (Between old software and munged software updates, the site had been down a few weeks.)

If you find a problem, please let me know.
Painting now, for about an hour.

If you want to be notified of future streams via email, drop me a line at and I'll add you to the list.
Streaming NSFW commissions Sun Dec 2 9:30a PDT

Just doing some commission work.  Come hang out!
You guys always manage to inspire me at Halloween with your ideas.  Anyone have any christmas pinup ideas?
Stop by and suggest some turkey day theme pinups!  Chat me up on Facebook if you don't have a livestream account.

Some sketches and commission work.  Plus Ice Cream Girl.  NSFW!

Working on a couple of commission pieces.  Come by and say hi!
I can't believe it's been a year already.  Once again, I want to ask you guys: inspire me!  What annual Halloween piece should I do?
Working on a new erotic commission.  Stop by and say hi!

(BTW if anyone has any better suggestions for doing this, I'd love to hear it...I feel bad spamming everybody all the time...)
Finishing up a piece:

[UPDATE] More tomorrow night
I'm on again if you care to stop by.


I'll be doing this more often now.  Usually around this time.  So keep watching this space, or just subscribe to my channel if you like this stuff...
Finishing up a commission sketch.  Come on by to say hi!

I'll be going in and out a little, probably all  night.
Tanem Davidson invited me once more to the Garter Belts and Gasoline show at the Alternative Cafe in Seaside, CA, running through August.  I can't believe I'm in the same show as Joe Chiodo!

Go check it out if you have a chance!…
This came as a total surprise, but Juxtapoz's online magazine featured me on Friday:…

They called it, "Gorgeously seductive, racy and sometimes spicy..."

It was short and sweet and quite treat.


My current queue (as of 6/18/2012):
1. Genie -- DONE
2. Indigo Clark -- Painting
3. Ice Cream Girl -- Sketching
4. (tbd) Dan
5. (tbd) Euro girl
6. Open

Plus two other personal pieces in the pipeline...

The current queue will run about 3 months.
Here's how I work personal's pretty standard:

* $150 for a single full figure with no background and simple colors, digital output only.
* A Giclée print can be arranged at cost (printing + shipping, usually running somewhere between $15-$45 depending on size), or I can just make it available on DeviantArt and you can get a print that way).
* Backgrounds, detailed costumes, second figures, etc. can be negotiated, but please do keep in mind that my style is simple for a reason.
* I reserve the right to decline a commission if I feel that it does not match my style.
* 50% of the cost is payable upon my starting.  50% is due upon completion.
* I'll show you one thumbnail for approval of the idea, and then the final pencils for approval before the colors are applied.  I'm happy to make minor adjustments, but major adjustments need to be negotiated.
* These commissions are for *personal use only*!!!  Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.  If you want to use things commercially, we need to negotiate a different rate.
* I retain the copyright to the image and can use it in my online portfolio or publish it.  I will notify you as a courtesy.  If you would like a full buyout, figure two times the price.
* Personal commissions (i.e. the $150 rate) take a back seat to professional work, and therefore can take a while, especially during busy periods.  Figure at least a few weeks.  If you have a rush order, we need to negotiate a rush price.
* Everything is negotiable.  It can't hurt to ask.  But if it doesn't work for you, a favor of a reply is requested.

Don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy commissions.  It's a lot of fun encountering everyone's ideas, and I end up drawing things I would never draw left to my own devices.  But these guidelines are here to make sure we're all on the same page expectation-wise.

If you find me too expensive, there are plenty of artists who are much better than me and are much cheaper.  Go ask them!  For me, I've found that $150 is a good balance between being affordable and making everyone take it seriously.  (If you calculate the number of hours I put into a piece, I'm making much less than minimum wage on these...)

If you're interested in a commission, email me at bentanart .at. gmail .dot. com or send me a note here.  Tell me what your idea is and how large you need it.

My current queue (as of 5/9/2012):
1. Genie -- DONE
2. Indigo Clark -- Painting
3. Ice Cream Girl -- Sketching
4. (tbd) Dan
5. (tbd) Euro girl
6. Open

The current queue will run about 3 months.
Is it just me, or has personal communication etiquette really deteriorated?

I've gotten a LOT of commission requests lately, but they all seem to disappear into the ether.  Is it crazy to think that my taking the time to reply to someone's request for a commission deserves at least a simple, "Thanks, but no thanks."?

Has anyone else been experiencing this?